Friday, September 4, 2015

A Few Loose Ends!

I'm sure I've mentioned it before on the blog, but just in the end of each school year I write a letter to the boys. It's just a synopsis of their year and also a little bit of looking forward to their next year. I also include $20 in the letter. This is going to be the kids graduation presents. In all they will end up with $260 and some cool letters from their mom....yeah I know the money is going to mean way more to them at that time, but I hope that one day they will cherish them! 

This year I was a bit behind though I didn't actually get them finished until the first day of school. At least they did get finished though. Next year I'll have to write 3 letters! 

As for what I mentioned in the last post about Ella's clothes....I came up with a plan! If you are a person that was a teenager in the 90's you will totally get this...if not just try to picture it. Remember Cher from Clueless and her AWESOME closet and her super cool computer that would put outfits together for her at the touch of a button. Well...I tried to recreate that for Ella, but in a less techie way.

Ella was given this cute picture book from a friend of my Mom's...thanks Barb. She's had it for awhile and I just wasn't quite sure what to put in it until this idea popped in my head. On two different occasions I laid Ella's clothes out on her hope chest and took pictures of different outfit combinations. The first reason I did this was mainly to see how many clothes she actually had that didn't have stains on them....girl is messy as can be I tell ya! Second I wanted to actually piece together some things she might not normally wear so she could see how cute they were and third...I know my child and mornings at our house are going to be a total bear if she doesn't have her outfits picked out the night before. This way she gets to "shop" for her clothes and it gets to be her choice. At the same time there are limits set in place so she won't try to get away with wearing clothes that I don't think are appropriate for her leotard...or as she lovingly refers to it...her tard! 

So far this has worked like a charm...granted we've only used it for two days, but seriously the fact that she actually wore jeans and a shirt she normally wouldn't was amazing. She did end up taking her shirt off while we were at school because she was hot, but she had her cute pink tank top on underneath so that was okay. When we did get home she changed into shorts, but again I don't care what she changes into after school I just want her to not have a total freak out cow in the mornings. The best part about her clothing was absolutely free! I took the pictures with my phone, uploaded them to my blog and then printed them out at the library. I can't tell you how much I love our library!