Thursday, September 3, 2015

First Day Of School For Owen & Jackson - 2015!!

Ready for picture OVERLOAD!!! we go! 

Holy cow it's the first day of school already....or maybe I should say, "Thank God it's the first day of school". Normally I am not ready for the kids to go back one bit, but this year I am! I love my kiddos, but they were driving each other crazy. I think they were just plain sick of each other. It will be so nice for them to be apart a bit and get to play with other children. Let's hope that absences makes the heart grow fonder!!! 

This year I made new letters for our 1st Day of School sign...the old one had seen better days! The above picture is actually a retake since the first one with his coat off turned out blurry. He was pretty insistent on not taking his coat off for the second round and the fact that he still lets me take his pictures is a win so...coat it is! 

Of course the goofy face pictures are always a favorite! 

Look at this handsome dude! Seriously such a heartbreaker! 

Jackson by far is the master of the goofy face pictures...he cracks me up! Those eyes!!! 

Jackson - 7 years old - 2nd grade  ~  Owen - 8 1/2 years old - 3rd grade


Why can't they act this loving everyday?!?!?  The Sunday before school started Ga-Ga and I went back to school shopping. I had pretty much already gotten everything we NEEDED with a few exceptions. Owen needed a new raincoat and muddy boots, but everything else was covered. Ga-Ga really wanted them to have nice first day of school shirts so off we went. We ended up find really great deals and it was fun to spend the day shopping with my mom! 

There are no words! 

And now for the yearly T-shirt pictures. I really truly hope they will still humor their mother and put these on when they are in high school! I love these pictures! 

Jack's pictures turned out so great. How you ask? See Jack tends to have a fake smile so I thought...I want a true genuine smile...hmmm...what can I do? The thing that popped into my head...."Jack imagine that Owen has monkeys flying out his butt"...yep that did it! His laugh was so great! 

The winning smile!!! 

So big!!! 

Of course the boys ran with the whole "flying out of their butts" phrase so I think at the end it was rhinos and not monkeys! 

Growing up! 

Cute brothers! 

Time for the younger two to join in on the fun! Ella's first day of school isn't until the Tuesday after Labor Day. Then she'll get to have all the fun of having her pictures taken with the sign and her T-Shirt! 

Cute big boy in his new first day of school shirt! 

The only thing that's new on Ella is her pink tank's just like the black one she loves, but she had never actually worn that flower shirt before and she normally hates jeans. There will be another post on how I accomplished this feat!

I thought it would be fun to get a picture of all of them with the sign....I think Zeke is just a little too short for everyone else! 

On the first day of school I always drive the kids...this year we got there almost 20 minutes early so I could find a spot in the school parking lot. Last year I didn't even try and we just parked in the neighborhood north of the school and walked. 

Owen's classroom was actually the first class we passed, but it was also right where two sidewalks connect and where the buses let out so I thought it would be better for us to wait at Jack's class which is on the other end of the school. 

8:10 the bell rang and Ms. Davidson was ready for school. Isn't she the cutest thing!!! 

 After watching Jack head into his class we walked down to Owen's classroom. By this time all the kids had already gone in so it was way less crazy! 

After that Ella, Zeke and I ran all over the place....Fred Meyer's for gas, my friend Kim's house to drop off her canning pot, back to our house to grab snacks, Joann's to buy fabric, the library to print stuff for MOPS, home for lunch, my friend Rachael's to workout and finally we walked to the bus stop to wait for the boys! 

Here they come!

The first day of school was a major success! Jack is happy that his friend Triona is still going to run with him at recess even though she's not in his class this year and Owen was super excited that he didn't have homework, but that I did! Boy was he right...I ended up having to fill out all sorts of forms and have the kids sign papers with the schools policies and so on. It ended up taking me well over an hour to go through them all! I'm sure glad I'm not in school anymore!!!