Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Day Before!!!

For Labor Day we wanted to do something fun with the kids for two reasons....Daddy was home and it was the last day before Ella started school. The weather ended up being really nice so we took the kids to Steel Lake Park. It was crazy busy, but there are so many different play structures it doesn't matter at all. The only unfortunate part of the trip was poor Zeke man was in a mood. He was not happy at all. He was crying about everything...even swinging!!! If you know him you know he could be pushed on the swings for hours!!! It got to be so bad Michael just took him to the van. I stayed with the bigger kids and we had a blast! 

Can you find Owen? 

Jackson is always asking me to, "come over here and take my picture!" 

"Take a picture of me climbing up this mama!" 

Fireman pole! 

I even went down the fireman pole with the kids. They can't be the only ones having fun after all! 

In fact...I had so much fun chasing this guy around the play area. He kept trying to get away and he'd think he did and then I'd find him. Of course the fact that his shirt is practically glow in the dark really didn't help his cause much! I could see that kid from everywhere! 

This picture was before Michael took Zeke to the van. He helped Jack get on the monkey bars and then he did them all by himself...these ones were tricky too! 

The play area is a castle theme and this slide is supposed to be the dragons mouth so I told Ella and Jack to climb in there and act scared! 

I was thinking it would be fun to take the kids out to frozen yogurt since that's what we did the day before Jack started Kindergarten.  Then I got to thinking how it was probably going to cost us around $20 for all of us and that seemed silly when I could buy ice cream with all the fixing and we could have it at home and there'd be leftovers! So on our way home we stopped at The Dollar Tree to get some Nerds and Whoppers to add to our ice cream and then we stopped at Fred Meyer's to get two different kinds of ice cream. That only ended up costing us $12! Much better! 

We also had earned a free pizza from Papa John's so we had pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert all while introducing the kids to Back To The Future! Love that movie!!!

The kids also got to choose from stuff we already had at home such as...chocolate sauce or caramel sauce, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and sprinkles! 

Owen of course kept hounding me for seconds of his ice cream! 

It was a nice fun day spent as a family before this big girl started school!