Sunday, September 6, 2015

What Do You Do When Your Neighbor Gives You Two Giant Bags Of Plums???

So last week during the wind storm our neighbor brought over a big bag of plums. He said it was raining plums. My friend Kim and I already had plans to can our tomatoes a couple days later so after that I just borrowed her canning pot so I could make some plum jam. 

Lots and lots of fingers hurt! 

I ended up being able to make 3 batches of jam....I could have made a fourth, but I ran out of jars even though I had just bought a brand new 12 pack the night before. 

Processing! You know what's music to a canner's ears....the pop of the lid sealing! 

Here are the jars of jam and you can see my diced tomatoes. There ended up being 13 1/2 jars of jam! 

Then I thought I should take some of this lovely jam over to my I did. And...I came home with another giant bag of plums. Not really my intention, but he insisted! 

So I searched Pinterest for other ideas using plums since I honestly don't think a person needs THAT much plum jam and I found a few I wanted to try out. 

The first was a plum crisp and my oh my this is so good!!! Of course the children thought it was gross....seriously the crust has brown sugar and 2 yes 2 sticks of butter in it. What's not to love!!! 

The next thing I tried was making a plum bbq sauce. This made almost 2 full jars and it smelled good. The fun part was I was able to use tomatoes and onions from my garden and the plums from the neighbor. I love it when I get to use all homegrown stuff! 

The next day I drove to Kim's house and gave her a jar of plum bbq sauce and I borrowed her dehydrator. 

I've never dehydrated anything before and this was the only thing I could think of to use up a lot of plums. I was able to fill all 5 racks of the dehydrator and I still had plums left! 

Well one things for sure....our digestive track is going to be right as rain!