Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ella's First Day Of Kindergarten 2.0!

 Ella's first day of kindergarten 2.0 was Monday September 12th. 

She was so ready to go to school. She was counting down the days and did not like that she had to wait until Monday....she wanted to go to school with Owen and Jack on the 7th!

Goofy Girl!!! 

She wanted to hold up 6 fingers since she's 6 years old! 

So big in her new graduation shirt! 

She's going to totally rock this year!!! 


My treasures! 

And these next two picture are what almost make the yelling and fighting fade away in my mind! 


They can be really sweet when they want to! 

Due to the parking lot being a complete zoo we were almost late for Ella's first day! Plus side was she didn't have to wait in line for the bell to ring. Sunflowers are my favorite flower so I was so excited to see that Ms. Davidson had a giant sunflower on the inside of her door! 

There were no assigned seats so the kids just walked in and found a place. Now that the kids have been in school for a bit they do have name cards on there desks. Ella is actually sitting at the table on the right that's just out of view of the camera. 

Later that day Zeke and I waited at the bus stop for all the big kids to come home. Zeke's first day without any siblings was pretty rough. I was worried that was going to be an indication of how our weekdays were going to be for the whole school year, but thankfully we've gotten into a good groove now. 

Here comes the bus! 

So far this year the bus route has just been all screwed up. At first they had our kids being the last stop in the morning....which is the way it should be since we are only 2 minutes from school. But then instead of doing the route backwards after school they had the route the same as the morning so our kids were the last stop instead of the first stop. Instead of the bus coming around 2:54 it wasn't coming until 3:15!!! The bus driver said she was trying to get it changed and thankfully it did get changed. Now our kids are the first stop in the afternoon so that's means they are only on the bus for 5 minutes or so, but they also decided to alter the morning route as well. So now instead the our kids being the last stop in the morning they are the first. Instead of being picked up at 7:54 they are getting picked up at 7:32!! We literally live 2 minutes from school and school does start until 8:10 so I could walk the kids all the way to school and back during the same amount of time they are on the bus. I have no idea why they decided to mess with something that has been working just fine for 4 years. You pick up the kids furthest away from the school and work your ways towards the school in the morning and then you drop the kids off that live closest to school and work your way out in the afternoon. Seems simple to me! Can you tell I'm a bit peeved! 

I have tried to talk to the lady in charge of this whole thing....I have left her two voicemails to which her message says that "your call is very important to me" and she has yet to return my call. I've stopped by the Federal Way Transportation building to see if I could speak with her in person...I know when it comes to maps and such it would be easier to actually be looking at the same thing together....but she wasn't in the office at that particular time. Finally I have talked to another person there that is going to hopefully get me a meeting with this person. I understand that my kids aren't the only ones on the route and there are other things to consider such as traffic and bus safety. I really just want to know why....why was the route changed when it seemed to be working fine for 4 years!


Ella had a great first day of school! 

She even came home with a note saying so! 

I'm so happy for my Ella girl! I'm so happy that she gets to have this extra year of kindergarten to really nail down all the basic educational information that's she's going to need in years to come. She is so excited to learn and honestly I think she's more socially ready to learn than she was last year. She already knows some of the things they are going to be covering especially right off the bat, but that's okay. I think that relearning those things will just cement them even more in her brain. I did tell her that she would be the only kid in the classroom that would know the rules for walking in the hallway and all the rules for recess. She said she would help her classmates by letting them know the rules like no running on the cement only on the track and no jumping off the wall. 

My sweet girl I'm so excited to see the wonderful growth you're going to have this year. You are truly an inspirations with how you never get discouraged and you never give up. I hope you carry those traits all throughout your life....they will serve you well! 

Here's to a fantastic school year!!!