Saturday, September 10, 2016


This year it's been so fun to enjoy all the hard work we put into the garden. 

Sunflowers are my favorite and it was the first time I've been successful in growing them. I was always starting them inside and they really get too weak because they don't go through hardship....they are too pampered. They need the cold and the wind in order to grow a thick stalk to hold up that big sunflower. Next year I plan on planting tons more and just putting the seeds straight into the ground. 

It was so fun to see all the bulbs we planted come up. I love that they didn't all bloom at once. 

The dahlias are gorgeous! They were so funny because they were really slow growing and then all of the sudden this little plant just took off and had a ton of buds on it! It was nuts! 

I love how the dahlias coming in all different shapes and colors! 

We planted a ton of lilies and they were all gorgeous! Plus they made it smell SO good outside! 

All of my gladiolas came up and they were this lovely red color and there were also some yellow ones as well! 

My yucca plant grew two flower stalks this year!

My hostas have just taken over this whole bed. There is actually a blueberry bush back there and we need to transplant so it can have a change to grow! 

Out of all the bulbs we planted there were only two kinds that didn't come up. Honestly we were surprised any came up....we figured it would be plant this year and then they would bloom next year. Hopefully the two different kinds that didn't come up this year will make an appearance next year. Even if they don't we had great success and the fact that they are bulbs is just awesome. I love perennials!