Saturday, September 3, 2016

Owen's Pancakes!

Owen loves pancakes...well all my children do and I'm sure they would eat pancakes everyday if I let them. One morning Owen asked if he could make pancakes for breakfast. I was feeling exceptionally good and thought why not! I told him to get the bag of Krusteaz mix and follow the instructions. I decided to stay up in bed so I wouldn't feel the need to correct what he was doing. I figured he needs to learn to do this and ruined pancakes aren't the end of the world. 

I was checking out FB and reading blogs when I started smelling this lovely smell from downstairs. I made my way downstairs and was so surprised to see how well everything was going. 

Owen and Jack were working together. The first little batch they forgot the eggs so they put the batter back in the bowl and added the eggs. 

Did you know that pancake making is a spectator sport...complete with concession stand goodies!?!?

All the supplies were out! The only thing I had to help with was one batch on the got stuck so I peeled the pancakes off and then sprayed the griddle with non-stick spray. 

Here are the no egg pancakes...super thin like crepes! 

And here is the delicious stack of pancakes...that was for you Ryan! 

Owen was so proud of himself and the best part was the pancakes tasted great. I did pick out a thicker one toward the end I found the egg they had added. It was basically like a pancake covered egg white...I'm :)

I did tell the kids that the best cooks clean up after themselves and they didn't argue one bit and they did a great job cleaning up!