Friday, September 9, 2016

Meet And Greet & Back To School Bash!

On Tuesday September 6th the kids had their meet and great with their teachers. The kids had spent the night at Ga-Ga & Pa's so Ga-Ga brought them up so I could take them to school. I always try to take the kids in one at a time. It's just nice to get to focus on one kid their teacher rather than having 3 kids and 2 of them are bored since it's not their class and they are ready to go home. 

Jackson was up first and his teacher this year is Ms. Asselin!!!! I'm over the moon excited about this. Ms. Asselin changed from being a Kindergarten teacher to being a 3rd grade teacher this year. Jackson was sad that he didn't get Mr. Heintz, but Ms. Asselin is going to be awesome and he's going to have a great year! 

Next up was Owen, but I forgot to take his picture with his teacher! He has Mrs. East....which is who he wanted to have. YAY!!! The awesome thing is his class is right next to Jack's so they line up in the morning right next to each other and their classrooms even share a bathroom. I warned the boys if they ever run into each other in the bathroom that they need to not talk....just do your business and get back to school! 

Ella Bean was the last kiddo to go mainly because I need to talk with so many people that work with her. Of course I didn't take pictures with all of them....ugh! The first person she saw was Ms Alisa....she works with Ella on her handwriting and Ella was so happy to see her she even gave her a hug. Ella was given a writing folder and writing prompts to work on throughout summer and she finished the last one earlier that day. I had her tell Ms. Alisa that and she was so proud of Ella. When Ella starts school on the 12th she'll get to turn that folder in and get a prize! She's super excited about that prize! 

After that we went to see Ms Davidson! It's so fun because Jackson and Ella just switched teachers this year. Ella had Ms Asselin last year and Jackson had Ms Davidson last year. It's so fun to already have a relationship with your child's teacher! When I found out that Ms. Davidson was going to be Ella's teacher I literally screamed and then burst into tears. I hadn't realized how worried I had been about who was going to be her teacher until that moment and then I was filled with such relief the only way to let the emotions out was to cry! I'm not saying the other kindergarten teachers are not good teachers....not at all! We just really wanted Ella to have a teacher with a similar teaching style like Ms Asselin. The Neuropsycologist wanted Ella to remain with her same teacher, but that wasn't possible so this was the next best thing! Ms. Davidson is so happy to have Ella and we've already said that she has to have Zeke next year because she was both Owen and Jack's 2nd grade teachers so she has to teacher all the Martin children! 

We also checked in with Mrs. Burdsall...Ella's special education teacher, the school nurse to talk about Ella's care, the vice-principal Mrs. Lopez to set up another IEP meeting and then Ella wanted to see what Ms. Asselin's new classroom looked like. Needless to say it was a busy afternoon! 

After the meet and greet it was time to go to Red Robin for the Back To School Bash! 

Owen getting some snuggle time with Daddy before heading into the restaurant! 

It wasn't super busy, but they did have to move a couple tables together so while we waited for that the kids had fun drawing on the big chalkboard. 

Zeke Russell with his Ga-Ga! 

Once we got seated we had to take pictures again. My precious girl with her Ga-Ga! 

Pa with Jackson! 

Owen and Zeke! 

Me and my love! 

I was so proud of the kids and how they handled themselves at the restaurant. They were all so big and ordered there own food. I did have to let Jackson know that his drink choices were only chocolate or white milk as I really didn't want him drinking a Dr. Pepper the night before the first day of school. Owen was also so respectful and asked the server for a battery for the gaming system they had at the table. He waiting patiently and really behaved like a young sir as Michael calls him! 

After eating dinner I ordered a sundae with 4 cherries since I wanted each of the kids to have one. Our server Amanda was honestly the best server I think I've ever had at any restaurant. She was sweet and attentive. If you go to the Red Robin in Des Moines see if you can sit at one of her tables. We even talked to the manager and let her know how wonderful she was. After enjoying our sundae Ga-Ga paid the bill....Thanks Mom!!! Then each of the kids got a balloon and we headed home to start our nightly routine. We have been so relaxed during the summer it will take some time getting back in the habit of getting the kids to bed at a more decent hour. I think they were all in bed just a little after 8pm and asleep before 8:30. 

Brand new school year here we come!!!