Thursday, November 17, 2016

Big Milestone!!!

Owen has a friend!!! 

I know that might seem like a funny milestone, but seriously this is huge! My sweet Owen is very much like his Daddy. He enjoys people in general and he enjoys being out for the most part, but if he had a choice he would choose to stay home and play on the computer. He very much likes solitary things or games that are designed for just two players and he's a huge reader!!! Owen is quite confident in himself and honestly he hasn't really seen a need for friends. I mean sure he is good at playing with others most of the time, but for the most part the boys he plays with have all been Jack's friends. 

Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that at all. God made Owen the way he is and his sweet personality is perfect for him. Since I'm a super social...I need friends in my life person it's been hard for me to relate to him and understand his lack of need for friends in his life. I've also thought in the past that he might be sad or feel like he's missing out on something because he doesn't have any true friendships, but that's simply not the case. That's how I would feel, but that is not how Owen feels at all! He is super content with his life and feels like nothing is lacking! I love that about him!

Just recently my friend Natalie watching the kids for me after school since I was on jury duty and couldn't pick them up on time. She has 3 kiddos....her oldest is Owen's age. Owen and Kegan have gone to the same school for 4 years now and they are in the same grade, but they've never had the same teacher. When the boys were younger Natalie and I attended a play group together at a church, but one of Kegan's other friends was there as well and they knew each other better so the boys just didn't hit it off. After going to Kegan's house Owen was so excited to tell me all about Minecraft and how Kegan showed him how to play it and how he wants to save his money to buy the game and so on. I honestly don't know that much about Minecraft except that it's a building sort of game I think. The people all looks like blocks so it looks funny to me, but he was super stoked about it. He actually asked if he could go to Kegan's house again to play with him and learn more. WHAT?!?!

The next time Natalie came over to pray with my Mom's In Prayer group we got to talking about the boys and I found out that Kegan really likes solitary things as well. He likes computer games and chess and reading. The boys really have so much in common. So we planned to have Owen go home on the same bus as Kegan and get to play until Daddy picked him up on his way home from work. Owen had so much fun! 

The following week on Veteran's day Natalie has to take her daughter to the doctor's so we watched Kegan and his younger brother. Owen had just recently gotten some cool snake cards that you play War with. Owen want to show Kegan how to play and they had lots of fun. 

It was so nice listening to Owen play with another boy his age. They were laughing and being silly and just having a great time. 

I've already talked with Natalie and Kegan is going to come with us for Owen's 10th Birthday in January. See with our kids I plan themed birthdays until their 10 birthday. That is the their big special birthday where we will pay to go out somewhere. Owen is going to Game Works in Seattle. On Thursday nights they have a special where you can buy an unlimited game card for only $10 per person. Also happy hour will be going on when they get there so Michael will order a bunch of appetizers for the kids and adults to munch on. When we started planning this birthday years ago....yes I plan that far ahead...the only kids we had in our mind that would come were actually Jack's friends. Now Owen has an actual friend that is his that's going to come. There is also another boy at his school that he gets along with that we are going to invite as well. 

I'm so excited for Owen...I know that he will probably never have a huge amount of really close friends, but that's okay. Maybe he will have just have a few really close buddies that stick with him for the rest of his life. What a gift that would be!