Saturday, November 12, 2016

Charlie Had Surgery!

On Wednesday November 2nd Zeke and I took Charlie to the Vet to be neutered. We were originally going to wait until he was 6 months because according to the first Vet office we took him to that's when they suggested that it get done. But lately Charlie had been trying to dominate our arms and legs. Thankfully he didn't know what motions to do, but he was straddling our appendages biting them and not wanting to let go. was time! 

The first Vet office we took Charlie to was in our city and I really really wanted to take him there. For some reason the older I get the more I want to support the community we live in. So his first check up, shots and blood draw for testing were done there. To the tune of almost $200. I about choked when they told me the total. After that one of our friends took their cat to the Vets For Less clinic in Federal Way and said they were great. I asked what the cost would be for neutering and he texted me back saying it was $38 for the neutering and another $19.50 for the pain meds. AWESOME!!! Michael did want me to find out what the Vet we originally took Charlie to would cost since we had already established a little bit of a relationship with them. So I called and they emailed me an estimate for him to be neutered.....$400!!! That did include his second round of shots, the exam, the neutering (which by itself was $120) and it also included getting him micro-chipped. No thanks! Vets For we come! 

They were SO amazing! If you have an animal and want to get excellent care for a fraction of the price take your pets there. Honestly the sweetest people work there and it was an amazing experience all around. Charlie did so good! The total bill did come to $107...that included the neutering, pain meds and the rest of his shots. Still doing all that was cheaper than just the neutering at the other clinic. 

After picking Charlie up at the Vet we still had to run a few errands around town. Charlie does great in the van. He never makes a peep....he just sits there and chills out. 

When we got home I let him out of his carrier and he was happy to come right out. 

All the kids had been so worried about Charlie. We had told them what the surgery would entail and why we were having it done. We also let them know that they shouldn't be picking up Charlie for a few days. 

The lady at the clinic warned that Charlie might go through what they call Morphine Madness and run around like a crazy animal, but he never did. He was extra alert for most of the afternoon and didn't fall asleep for a few hours, but he was just fine. He was able to start eating again at 1pm, but he didn't really have a good eating session until later in the evening when I set him down in front of his food and then he went to town for about 5 minutes just stuffing his face! 

Charlie is now doing great. His nether regions had to be all shaved for the surgery so he's not quite modest right now, but once the hair grows back he'll be more covered up down there. He bounced back quite fast and thankfully never had to be put in the cone of shame. We've also noticed that he's mellowed out a teeny bit...especially at night. Thankfully....I've been getting full nights sleep every since his surgery!