Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!

Michael was still on-call on Halloween so once the kids got off the bus we went directly down to Ga-Ga & Pa's...yay for beating traffic! 

The kids weren't in a super rush this year to get going. We had dinner and then they were watching TV. We normally wait until Ga-Ga & Pa get their first Trick or Treater before we head out, but it was starting to get dark and with it being a school night we needed to get the show on the road. 

Yes Sir!!! 

Beautiful Princess! 

The Captain is ready for action! 

The knight is ready to slay a dragon! 

Let go get some candy!!! 

The kids did SO great! Since Michael wasn't there Ga-Ga came with me and the kids while Pa stayed back at the house to give out candy. I had the kids practice saying Trick or Treat as loud as they could in unison. They were really good. I also had to keep reminding the bigger kids to wait to ring the door bell until Zeke could get up to the door. At almost every house Zeke would be running up the driveway behind the older kids yelling..."Wait for me!" I wish I had a video of it. At a couple houses they had Seahawks flags and banners so instead of saying Trick or Treat I told the kids to say GO HAWKS!! They got a kick out of that! At one of the house the guys said, "Well that just earned you two candies!" As we were walking away from that house there were other kids coming up and we told them to say GO HAWKS so they could get two candies as well! Lots of fun for sure! 

When we got back to Ga-Ga's the kids dumped all their candy on the floor and after I went through it I had them put it in a gallon size bag. They each got to eat 3 pieces of candy that night. 

Ella with her bag stuffed with candy! 

That's a lot of candy sir knight! 

Jackson of course was the last one to put his candy away because choosing just three pieces is almost an impossible task! He finally did it though! We packed up all our stuff and were home around 8:30. It was off to bed since they had school the next day. I think that all those teachers that teach the day after Halloween should be given a medal. I tried my best to make sure the kids weren't too sugared up and got a decent amount of sleep, but I'm sure that wasn't the case with every parent. I honestly think that Halloween should always be the last Friday in October. It would be so much easier for parents, kids and their teachers!