Friday, November 18, 2016

Special Treat!

The other day Zeke and I needed to head down to Sam's Club to pick up our Christmas Cards. Before going shopping though Zeke asked to play on the mall toys so off we went. He honestly only played on the toys for 5 minutes...hence no pictures. He wanted to go into the discount book store to "look" around. Of course he asked for everything under the sun, but we ended up coming out empty handed. I was hoping they would have some Berenstain Bears books, but they didn't. 

We wandered over to Old Navy, but didn't have an luck at finding anything for me. Honestly I don't know why that mall is called The Outlet Collection since the prices are the same as the regular stores. Yes, they do have a clearance section, but so do the normal stores. Kind of irritating! 

On the way back to the entrance we came in we had to pass the food court and there right in front of us was Cinnabon! I had eaten my lunch in the van on the way to the mall and Zeke had eaten his as we walked around the mall so we were both ready for a treat. 

I ended up getting the cute little mini ones. Two for him and two for me! 

My goof boy! 

It was fun to get to treat just him and I. I'm usually super money conscience when we are out with the kids, but when there is just one it doesn't seem so bad. I was thinking about buying a box and bringing them home for the whole family, but they must think those rolls are dipped in gold because I was not going to pay $20 for a box of Cinnabons. Even though they are super way! As it was the minis cost me $4.75! I'm glad I spent the money though. Zeke ended up saving one of his rolls and he ate it later after the kids got home and Ella said it was "no fair"! I think I need to plan taking each of the kids out on a date so they can have some special time with Mommy and get a special treat all to themselves!