Sunday, May 14, 2017

Family Fun Event!

Our church hired a Family Life Director a couple years ago to really bring all the programs at the church together. For example when you move from the preschool class to upstairs with the big kids it's not such a hard transition because now the preschool class is doing many similar things that the older class is doing. One of the other big things was planning events for young families to take part in. On May 6th the family event was going to the Tacoma Rainier's game. The tickets were $13 and that included the game and dog, chips and water. Since our budget for entertainment during the month is $60 we were only able to take the older boys. 

Saturday was actually the Mill Creek garage sales so my mom and I were busy garage saling and we got back just in time to leave for the game. Ga-Ga ended up taking Ella and Zeke home with her for a sleepover so they had fun doing that instead! We thought we were leaving with plenty of time to get to the game on time, but the traffic once you get off the freeway was awful. They have a stop sign when you get off instead of a light and then you have to pay for parking and it was taking so long because of the parking attendant. We were moving so slowly that the boys and I decided to get out and jog. We got to the gate way before Michael and were able to get our tickets from Brandon and then waited for Michael to show up. 

I think there was a total of 22 people from our church. We got our name on the board since we were a group. 

It was a beautiful day for a ball game. 

I had never been to a Rainier's game before so I had no idea what to expect The field was great. The seats were all good too. The one thing I didn't think about was the fields location in regards to the sun. It was a nice day, but the sun was already behind us and our section was in the shade. I didn't bring any blankets either. Oops! 

Owen of course was freezing so he pulled up his legs and stuck them in his sweatshirt! 

I told him it looked like he had big boobies....he didn't think that was funny! 

Jackson was SO quiet during the game. I'm not sure if he was super tired or if he was concentrating on the game or what. He did wear shorts and only brought a light rain coat so he was super cold. Michael gave him his pullover to help keep him warm. Later during the game our Pastor and his wife Colleen let Jackson use one of their blankets and they shared the other one. 

Brandon and Elaine let us use one of their blankets as well. We stayed until the top of the 10th....the score was 0/0. It was a bummer that they didn't score anything while we were there. Later on we found out that the other team won with a score of 1. Jackson's 3rd grade class is going to a game later this year and I get to be a chaperon....I'm looking forward to seeing another game and hopefully there will be a little more action!