Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mother's Day!

On Mother's Day I got up just like normal, took a shower, got my make-up on and then Michael told me that breakfast was ready. 

The kids had helped him make pancakes. After eating it was time for me to open all my lovely presents. 

Ella's cute card said, "Mom you deserve a crown!" After I read that I said, "Did you buy me a crown?" She immediately got up and then came back with one of her birthday crowns. In the bag was 3 fake roses and some candy. 

Side Note: On Monday I asked to see her folder before school and she said, "No you can't look in my folder....oh wait!" She had forgotten to give me the stuff she made me at school!!!

Here's her card and picture frame she made at school. I love them! Oh and her three reasons she loves me are...1. I am sweet - 2. I am nice - 3. I make yummy cupcakes. 

Zeke man got me some yummy candy! 

Jack got me chocolate and more fake roses! 

Owen also got me roses and candy! 

At church they always honor us moms. We all get to stand up in front and then Pastor Andy prays for us and we also were all given one real rose! 

Afterwards we got family pictures in front of the Mother's day back drop. Michael and Pa were taking our pictures so there was always at least one of us looking at the wrong camera.

Me and my wonderful Mom. And we did not coordinate our outfits we are just cool like that!! 

After church we headed to Roaster's for lunch with Ga-Ga & Pa. Ella was not feeling good and she kept begging us to go home. She was so tired! She conked out in the van and Michael carried her upstairs when we got home and she took a couple hour nap. And of course there would be some medical issue on Mother's Day so I spent the next 2 hours at Bartell's. Did you know that some of them now have Care Clinics? They are super cool. You can check in online and they are open from 9am - 7pm 5 days a week!!! It's really a no brainer because most of the time after seeing a Dr you are going to need a RX so why not have the doctors office be at the pharmacy! Anyway I got my meds and was on my way. I spent a couple hours resting and then Michael made Pasta Carbonara for dinner and it was fabulous! Even with a visit to the doctor my Mother's Day was amazing and I felt totally loved and spoiled!