Monday, May 22, 2017

Zeke Is 5 Years Old!

My baby boy is 5 years old today!!! 

I was just telling the story to a friend at MOPS about the day he was born. It was a MOPS day....the last MOPS meeting of the year before we went on break for summer. After MOPS I came home and made lunch for the kids. I only remember macaroni and cheese, but I'm sure I made something else as well. I remember taking a couple bites of the it and realizing that it just didn't taste that good and I wasn't really hungry. After lunch I put Ella down for a nap and then I put a movie on for the boys and went upstairs to take a nap myself. I remember after I woke up I called the boys upstairs to snuggle with me. I snuggled them tight and I put Curious George on. I remember telling the boys to talk to Baby Z. Tell Baby Z we want him or her to come out so we could give him or her a kiss. The boys did just that.....and 5 minutes later my contractions started! I just love that about his birth story!!! 

Side note: I was just rereading Zeke's birth story and I noticed that I posted it less than 12 hours after he was born. I guess blogging is a real priority! 

I know I've said it before, but Zeke is my absolutely amazing shopping buddy. Most people are just amazed that he goes with me for the monthly shopping trips and does so well. He really truly is a super easy I just love his company! 

Zeke loves to draw. He recently found Jack's learn to draw book that I got him and he's been following the instructions and drawing dinosaurs. 

He is my last baby...the one that completed our family! I'm so glad that I disobeyed Dr's orders and tried to get pregnant in September instead of waiting another month. 

Zeke is so ready for school! And surprisingly I'm ready for him to go to school. I don't say that in a 'I can't wait until this kid is outta my hair' way, I say that in a 'I know he's ready and he's going to learn so much and have so much fun' way! 

I have loved these lazy afternoons before the older kids get home...if it's nice we will go sit outside on the bench in the front yard. The older kids are attending the Summer Learning Program so we will still have a few more days with just the two of us. 

When I put Penelope out for this first time he wanted his picture with her. He loves to be a big helper and fill her up with water when she gets low. 

He has blossomed so much this year in regards to being brave. He will talk to grown ups and play with other kids and even let the dentist take x-rays! 

On Saturday I used Zeke's very last WIC checks. It has been such a nice help over so many years, but it is nice that it's come to an end. No more appointments and no more having to deal with the checks themselves. 

When the kids get my phone they like to take pictures of their toys...Zeke wanted a picture with his semi-truck! 

He's such a silly jelly bean....I think he was playing dead...if I had to guess I'd say he was probably a dead dinosaur! 

He loves to go into my mirror/jewelry cabinet in my closet and find things. On this particular day he found the pin that they gave us at the hospital when he was born that says It's A Boy! 

Most every day Zeke and I have lunch together at the table. He and I pray....we have to hold both hands! He will pray and then he wants me to pray as well. He always says, "Plaze Our Lord" during his prayers. Love that boy! 

Zeke is such a capable kid. I'm not sure if that's true of most kids his age or if I'm just so much more laid back with him I let him try more things than I did with the other ones. For instance, he is a pro at spreading butter on bread. 

Zeke is very thoughtful and he loves his siblings. He's always trying to hug them when they come off the bus. Whether or not they let him is another story! 

This picture to me is perfection! It's my favorite. He is such a little boy! Little arms, little hands, little pinch-able cheeks, precious little smile, little clothes. 

Zeke loves his Daddy. It took him longer than the other ones I think to start clinging to him...he was and still is a Mama's boy. He still loves to be with me in the kitchen, but he also loves to be outside with Daddy playing baseball. 

Zeke is still at an age where he really does love toys! He plays so well by himself and I'm so thankful for that. I don't mind reading to my kids, coloring with them or playing games, but when it comes to toys I honestly don't like to play with them. 

Happy boy and happy mama!

I would say Zeke has gotten to go to parks and the mall way less than the other kids. When I had lots of young kids at home it was a necessity and I had to get out of the house, but now with just him we stay home and hang out more! 

He loves his kitty and loves to pet him every now and again, but he does not like to pick Charlie up. 

Again he's so capable. I would have never tried this with the older kids when they were 4 years old. Yay for being more relaxed with having 4 kids. 

Even though Zeke is technically wearing the size clothes he should for his age....4t jeans and 5t shirts...he still just seems SO little to us. 

Zeke has never really seemed interested in a bicycle before...he was all about his scooter. Then we went to Lance and Rachael's one night and he latched on to this tricycle. He rode that thing daily and then the seat came off. Pa needs to weld it back on. Even though it came off he still rides it though! I honestly think him riding this tricycle finally got him interested and open to riding a bicycle. 


My little artist! Zeke's weekly task right now is to empty the recycle. I do not keep all my kids art work. I have explained to them that we save important and memorable stuff. When it was Ella's job to empty the recycle it was such a battle because she would get so emotional over everything that I would get rid of. Zeke is so awesome he will be going through everything and then I'll hear him say something like, "There's my race car drawing....well I can't keep everything!" He will literally talk himself out of keeping it. He cracks me up! 

Speaking of little....yes this is him sleeping on his bunk bed inside of a Costco box. 

Zeke is a total snackoholic! He rarely eats breakfast....I don't know if he's not hungry or if he's just not super fond of cereal, but he's always wanting something out of the snack cabinet. Thankfully he seems to have finally grown tired of peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches. He loves to eat ham, cheese and crackers now. 

My boy that has super sensitive eyes just like his Mama. He is always asking to get his sunglasses out so he can wear them to the bus stop. Funny day on the way to the bus stop he was wearing sunglasses and running. I heard him saying something, but I couldn't quite hear it. Then when I got closer I heard...."daytime, nighttime, daytime nighttime". As he was running the glasses were bouncing up and down on his face. I about died from laughter!!! 

And here's my boy....his last night as a 4 year old. We have been explaining to him that once he's 5 he can't suck his thumb anymore. We did the same thing with Ella. His teeth are fine...he only sucks it at night and not even the whole night, but we feel it's a nice time to start enforcing the rule. I know he'll fail. I know he'll fall into old habits, but I know over this next year he will grow and he will get accustom to not using that as a sort of comfort. He is after all growing up! 

Zeke Russell this has been a big year for you. Your last year home with Mommy! I have cherished as well as loathed at times our days together. You can bring me so much joy and so much frustration all at once. You are my dinosaur loving boy. When we are at the library I have to limit you on how many dinosaur books we bring home. You are so intelligent! The fact that you can say dinosaur names better than I can amazes me. You have such an attention to detail. You love to tell me all about the different strengths of the different dinosaurs. This one has stomp power and this one has tail power and this one can fly. You are awesome buddy! 

This upcoming year is going to be filled with changes for you. Kindergarten! Being away from Mama all day long! You are used to going to MOPS and your Kids class at church, but this will be different. I'm sure you'll be shy the first day. I don't think you'll cry and I don't think I will either. You will make friends quickly and I know you'll have so much fun! 

Zeke you have brought so much joy to our family. You were the final puzzle piece....come to think of it when we work on puzzles you always have to be the one to put the final piece in! 

I know that God has a purpose for your life Zeke. You are going to do great things! I pray that you follow Him all the days of your life and that He is your strength and your refuge. 

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet boy! I love you SO much!