Friday, July 5, 2019

Deception Pass Camping Trip - Day 1

Months and months ago we had planned an end of the school year camping trip with the Kuch's and my parents. Well my parents weren't going to camp...of course not, but they were going to stay at a Bed & Breakfast. Then February came and all the snow hit! So instead of it being a ''s out for summer' was a 'Yay...there's only 3 days left of school' trip! 

The drive to Deception Pass was supposed to only take 3 hours, but it ended up taking over 5 hours. Have I ever mentioned that I hate traffic! Thankfully Michael took a half day and we took the kids out of school early or we wouldn't have gotten up there until midnight! 

This handsome boy has turned into quite the helper! He enjoyed going around helping Daddy set up the outside of the tent trailer. 

We stayed at Quarry Pond and I absolutely LOVED our sites!!! 

We were right in the middle of this island of land. There were 3 sites and one cabin in that area. The bathrooms were right across from our sites. Which came in handy since a plastic piece to our toilet broke over the winter so we couldn't have the water hooked up. 

Another positive to this location was the fact that the only people that drove down there were people with sites in this section so traffic was really light. It was also the best combination of being wooded enough to feel private, but not so wooded you felt like you couldn't let the kids run around. 

Prior to our trip we had made plans for meals. The Kuch's and us were each going to take one dinner and Ga-Ga & Pa were going to bring Saturday's lunch. We were supposed to make dinner on Friday night, but since we were stuck in traffic Christina said she'd take care of it. Bill had decided to take the whole day off so they got to the site hours before us! Lucky Ducks! 

Christina made BBQ Sundaes it's where you layer BBQ Pork, baked beans and then coleslaw. I knew that my kiddos would not eat it like that so I brought Hawaiian rolls so they could have BBQ sliders if they wanted. 

The kids had the best time playing with each other. The girls were either hanging out in the Kuch's hammock, finding painted rocks, making fairy houses or playing in the woods. 

The boys were playing shuttlecock, hide & seek and pinecone wars! 

It was such a beautiful night after dinner we decide to head across the main road and go to the beach to watch the sunset! 

It's so fun to watch these cute girls play together. They just adore each other!  

This dude is so cool! 

It was fun getting to enjoy another wonderful sunset! Definitely colder than those awesome Maui sunsets, but just as beautiful! 

I'm so blessed to get to share this life with this guy of mine!!! 

Whenever I would tell people where we were going camping they would always comment about how beautiful it is up here. They were definitely 100% correct! While everyone was back at the beach Christina and I hiked over to where we could see the bridge. 

When we got back I had to snap some pictures of these cute boys! 

Caleb and Jack have so much fun together! 

Building driftwood forts! 

It was a little chilly, but nothing horrible! 

We brought a bag full of blankets just in case anyone needed to snuggle up. 

But it wasn't bad at all! 

So beautiful! 

Almost gone!

These girls are so awesome!!! 

Put this boy near water and he'll be good for hours!!! 

Once the sun set it really started to cool down so we pretty much wrapped it up and got back to the campsite.

Michael made a nice fire so we were able to sit up and chat for a bit. Once everyone left we started to let the fire die down. I figured we might be able to see some stars since it was so dark out so I looked up. 

This is what I this little tiny section right above our campsite was Ursa Major! It was so cool and the timing of it was astronomical...see what I did there! :)