Sunday, July 7, 2019

Last Day Of School 2019!

After our camping trip it was actually really nice that the kids still had to go to school for 3 days. It gave me time without having the kids home where I could get all the laundry done and put everything back in the trailer. 

Last day of school holding a picture of his first day of school. 

This guy is headed to 6th grade!!! 

Zeke has definitely gotten bigger this year! 

He's on his way to 2nd grade!!! 

My sweet Ella that loves school so much she really doesn't like the last day of school at all!!! 

She's moving up to the bigger side of the school as a 3rd grader!!! 

That coat is the same, but his glasses are missing. We still don't know where they are! He seems to be doing fine without them though! 

7th grade here he comes!!!

I love these cuties so much!!! 

Not sure why Ella's trying to pull her hair out...maybe it's because she has 3 brothers!!! 

A bunch of zombies! 

Cute buddies!!! 

When Ms. Castle came out I could tell she'd been crying. She said that they all had. This was her first class so I know that it has to be emotional saying goodbye. She was the best teacher and Ella will always love her! 

Ms. Richardson told me that her and her kids were crying too! She was a great teacher for Zeke!!! 

Ella getting pictures with her girl friends...Helena, Riley and Lily! 

I picked up Ella and Zeke by the main door, but told the older boys I would meet them at the parent circle. 

On our way there we saw Ms. Davidson and had to get a picture with our favorite teacher at Woodmont!!! 

Ella just had to have a picture with this lady that I don't even know her name. I'm guessing she is one of Ella's Helpers. 

Once all the buses are loaded up they all honk their horns over and over and the teachers stand outside to wave goodbye. It's my favorite part of the last day of school! 

Picking up these cute boys from the parent circle! 

Our first stop after leaving school was Dairy Queen to get's our tradition. Normally Daddy goes with us, but since Michael used so many vacation days for us to go to Maui he decided to not take a half day off. So...we brought lunch to him. The funny thing was we ran into 3 of Michael employees at Dairy Queen that were getting food and taking it back to the shop! 

Grubbin' on some DQ!!! 

The lunchroom isn't huge so Owen and Zeke shared a chair and so did Ella and I. 

My sweet man! 

After lunch I didn't want to head home because the kids had their dentist appointment not very far from Michael's work. So instead we drove to a park to play for a bit! 

This is Mattison's Park...I used to bring the kids here a lot when we were going to MOPS, but we haven't been in a while. The kids loved it!! 

The monkey bars were definitely a hit! 

The kids were able to play for about 20 minutes and then we had to go. They did great at their dentist appointments and the best thing was only one cavity and it's on a baby tooth that's already loose!!!