Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Scrap Wood Projects & The American Flag!

After building the coffee table, 2 couches and the couch table I had a lot of scrap wood leftover. I do not like to let things go to I was having so much fun building I just wanted to keep going! I did have to run to the hardware store for a couple more boards, but it was totally worth it. I found both of these projects on Pinterest by looking up scrap 2x4 projects. 

Lots of cuts for this project and you might notice I had to make some angle cuts!!! 

2 sides are built! 

Taking shape! 

After working on the hard cement floor in the garage I decided I couldn't take it anymore and I got a few of Ella's cushion tiles that Aunt Stephie got her for her birthday. These weren't being used in her clubhouse so I didn't feel bad about is saved my knees! 

And here's the finished product!! A planter for the deck! This thing is very big and VERY heavy!!! It took a lot of wood to build this thing! 

The next project required me to take all the scrap 2x4's that I had and cut them into random sizes. We had ordered tons of 2x2's for the deck rails so I just took a few of those to use for the frame. 

Michael went and bought me the backing board. 

I screwed the frame together and then it was ready to be stained. 

All stained! 

Then came the paint. Jack, Ella and Zeke all helped me at one point during this part of the process. 

Since the pieces of wood were different sizes we had to make sure we painted the sides so you wouldn't see the natural wood.

6 stripes down...7 to go! 

Stripes all done! 

I absolutely love this blue color. Ella picked it's cobalt blue! 

After painting I cut the backing board to size and then tacked it onto the frame. I did end up having to trim it a little bit on the side since it shifted while I was tacking it in. 

All ready for the painted wood! 

At first I dry fit the wood in place to make sure I didn't need to touch up any of the wood. Then I used my fingers to make dots for the stars. I was not happy with the "stars" though. 

Nothing a little paint can't fix! 

I waited for that to dry and then I came back and glued each piece in place using wood glue. Of course I ran out of wood glue before I was done so I had to run to the Lowe's the next day to get more. I wanted to go out the same day, but we was downpouring and since our house doesn't have gutters right now I would have had to run though a waterfall to get to the van. No thanks...I'll wait! 

Since I was having issues with the stars I asked Michael for help since he's a math quiz. He figured out the layout and it was perfect, but then I put the placement a little off and had to alter it a bit so if you count there are only 49 stars...sorry Hawaii! It's okay though! 

I ended up using a chalk marker instead of paint and I made the stars look like asterisks. 

I ended up finishing it just in time for the 4th of July! It's not hung up yet since the house isn't painted, but soon...very soon!