Saturday, July 6, 2019

Deception Pass Camping Trip - Day 2

Good Morning from Deception Pass...well it was a good morning, but it wasn't a good night at least for me. Right before we left to go camping I had started to get this rash on my hips. I had an appointment set up for Monday after we got back, but it was so itchy I could barely sleep. I came to find out at my appointment that I had Dermal Hypersensitivity Disorder. Basically my body is allergic to something and my skin is freaking out. My dermatologist put me on internal steroids and steroid cream. It's taken weeks, but as I type my body is almost back to normal. Unfortunately I'm all bruised up from all the scratching! 

Anywho....Michael and I both got to work making breakfast. He made the bacon and the eggs while I made the pancakes. 

I don't know what it is, but breakfast always tastes better when you're camping! 

Once we got ready we headed over to Rosario Beach to explore! 

We took a picture next to the CCC statue. Christina is so great at finding these fun things to do. She knew that there was a CCC interpretive center and I didn't even know what that was. In all honesty if she hadn't wanted to go there I probably wouldn't have gone on my own. 

Of course before going into the center we had to stop to take pictures of the kids trying to fit in the little holes in the trees! 

Such a handsome guy! 

Owen doesn't need a tree to be in so much as a tree to be on! 

Inside the Interpretive Center I found out that CCC stands for Civilian Conservation Corp. 

There was a little documentary playing so we found out all about this program that was part of FDR's New Deal. It was fun to learn how they were so happy to be working hard and providing for their families making $30 a month. They are the reason we have all these wonderful parks to enjoy today. It was also the perfect length for the kids...just a dose of history and then we were off to explore! 

The tide was way out!!! 

We started just walking down the beach on the highway of driftwood! 

It was fun hopping from log to log. Ga-Ga was on the look out for a perfect piece of driftwood to take home for her collection. 

Once the driftwood stopped it because a beach of rocks. 

I just kept following the kids lead! 

Take my picture Mommy! 

They climbed and climbed until they got to where they couldn't go anymore. 

All the kids minus Owen! Cute explorers! 

Having so much fun with my friend! 

That's a big rock Zeke Man! 

By this time Michael had come out and started turning rocks over so the kids could see crabs. 

They were really decently sized! 

Bigger than we see at Des Moines Beach Park back home! 

There was this one rock I wish I had been recording when Michael flipped it over. There were at least a hundred crabs and they all went scrabbling. It was crazy!!! 

By this point the clouds that had been around started to burn off and it was turning into a nice day! 

Checking out the shelters that the CCC helped build! 

Being cute monkeys in the tree! 

And yes Owen is wearing his pajama shirt!!! :) 

I decided to give climbing the tree a try too! 

We headed back to the campsite to have lunch. Ga-Ga & Pa brought all sorts of fixing for sandwiches. 

We knew we could go do other fun things at a different location, but all the kids wanted to do was go back to the beach we had been at the night before so that's what we did. 

We brought chairs and snacks and got all set up. Bill, Christina, Caleb, Jackson and I all wanted to walk the .9 miles to the bridge so we set off for that right after we got there. 

It was a beautiful walk and just the right distance. 

We couldn't have asked for a prettier day! 


I didn't actually know that trail took you up to the top of the bridge. I thought we would just be underneath it so that was a fun surprise!

Going out on the bridge was fun! 

It was pretty high up and it was windy!!! 

So glad Jackson wanted to was a fun adventure! 

Jackson didn't really care for being out the bridge though so we only went out about halfway and then turned around! 

The water down there definitely looked like it was churning! 

The underneath looked pretty cool! Bill was saying he should have just tried to go across from there.  ;) Of course there were signs that said to stay off the bridge down there and right next to the signs were people sitting on the bridge. 

After that walk we sat down and enjoyed the beach for a bit until it was time to head back to start dinner! 

After our camping trip last August I knew that I wanted to get some sort of BBQ for the trailer. When it comes to the trailer though you have to be careful about space and weight. I ended up finding this cute little BBQ at Winco for only $10 on clearance! 

When I took it out of the box I noticed how it looked like a baby Jesus manger!

So it's now know as the Baby Jesus BBQ and it worked perfectly! :)

Michael even made a nice charcoal burger for Ga-Ga!!! 

These boys barely even stopped to eat they were having so much fun! 

Of course right after dinner it was time to have smokies and smores! 

Sticky fingers...sticky face!!! 

When we left for the beach I decided it would be a good idea to have a hat help keep the sun out of my eyes. I don't normally wear a hat, but this particular hat I think looks cute! 

My favorite part of camping....





That night everyone was more tired that the night before so we went to bed earlier. Well everyone, but me. I stayed up and read my book and then dealt with more itching in the night. Ugh!!! 

The next morning Father's Day....we got up, had breakfast and then packed up. We stopped at Burger King on the way home for lunch. Later that night Michael had to go to the Mandarin Kitchen to pick up his own Father's Day meal since I wasn't feeling good at all!!! I felt so bad that I wasn't able to make his day more special. Zeke did get Daddy a whole sack full of sunflower seed packets that he would get from the sharing table at school. He knows Michael likes them and he'd been saving them up for months! It was so sweet!!!