Thursday, August 8, 2019

Happy Independence Day!

On 4th of July we headed down to my parents house just before noon. We made one stop at the Fireworks stand in downtown Orting. We got one bag of goodies and it was over $60!!! Ouch!

We weren't sure if the weather was going to cooperate, but Ga-Ga did go ahead and fill up the kids pool for them. 

These guys are brave!! 

A few months back my parents took the membership class and became members of Riverview Community Church. They had already been coming to church regularly, but now they are really committed. It's nice knowing that even if we don't see them at all during the week we will for sure see them on Sunday. Mom and Dad have always loved to host people at their house and they've been trying to get to know more and more people at church. The two couples above also attend our church.  It was so fun to visit with them! 

Crazy girls!!! 

Of course the Kuch Klan was there!!!! 

Papa & Ruth also came! 

The most extra special person there though was Ellen! She was visiting from Arizona and it was SO wonderful to see her! We talked and talked and talked...well maybe I talked and talked and talked, but she loves it. She said numerous times how much she missed me. She had to go home the next day, but she's coming back again around Labor Day and she's actually going to come to the Back To School Bash with us!!! Yay!!! 

Look at these patriotic kids!!! 

Total goofballs!!!! 

Just a couple days before the 4th I saw this craft project online and thought it would be really fun to do with the kids. 

This is actually the third time we've made shirts with the kids and each time it gets easier and easier. Not because the kids are getting older, but because each time I pick a craft that is more and more basic. 

I forgot to buy a shirt for myself so for the example I ended up using one of my Dad's undershirts. All we needed for this craft was a white t-shirt, red & blue Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. I made the example above and then I used some paper and made up some other designs to give the kids more ideas. 

Zeke knew exactly what he wanted to do and he got right to it. 

Fireworks, USA and a heart! 

I love how the kids don't fret over their designs they just get right to work and didn't overthink it. 

Let's see what Jack designs!! 

He actually freehanded an eagle and it was awesome!!! 

This picture makes me SO happy! Ruth really has brought so much joy to Dad's life and to the rest of our lives as well. 

Once the kids were finished drawing their design that's when the rubbing alcohol came into play. I had a small bottle full of it and the kids or I would spray it directly onto their shirt. Rubbing Alcohol is actually what you use to get ink out of clothes so what it does it make the ink run. It gives it this sort of Tye Dye look. You can see the outline of Jack's black eagle in the above picture. 

Addison's turn! 

Going all girly with a patriotic heart! 

Ella also drew a heart! 

Anna rounded out the girls with another heart! :) 

 Caleb had a great idea to write Land of Liberty, but he messed up the spelling. He was able to fix it, but we could tell he wasn't happy with it. I wasn't sure if he'd even want a picture wearing his shirt, but he did. 

Once the shirts were sprayed down we hung them over the backs of the chairs outside to let them dry off. It didn't take long at all. 

Owen's totally crazy flag, USA, fireworks and Land that I love design! 

Check out that cute heart! 

I love how even if they did the same basic concept they each had their own flair! 

Ella's stars almost look like them!!! 


Caleb's shirt really did turn out nice!! 

Jackson put a bit too much rubbing alcohol on his shirt plus he didn't leave enough space between the colors so that's why they ran together so much. With that being said I think the eagle turned out amazing!!! 

Cute girls!!!! 

Handsome boys!!! 

Another successful craft in the books! 

In the middle of the night a few days before 4th of July I had this idea pop in my head for a picture with the kids. In my mind it looked so great! 

In reality is way harder to make the kids' bodies bend in exactly the right way! Hahahaha! 

We decided to try a repeat of last years picture that was our favorite. It was a bit too bright though...maybe next year! 

Once it was dusk it was time to move to the front yard to shoot off fireworks. 

Throwing the Pop It's! 

Stink Bombs!!! 

The kids really like the stink bombs that were colored and some of them were amazingly bright colors!! 

This pyro boy!!! 

The kids LOVED the snakes. Zeke was a bit freaky though because as these black almost horn like things are coming out of the ground he in his evil voice said something like, "It's demon's from Hell!" thank you!!! 

The Dog Poo one was funny and I wanted the people sitting down to see it so I put it up on the sidewalk. I thought it was just going to make it look like he was pooping. the end it shot off like crazy and scared me so bad. Note to self read the instructions. 


The kids always get a bit nervous with the sparklers! 

This year I did have them help me out by lighting each others. It was taking forever with the lighter! 

Time for our bigger fireworks!

Pretty fountain! 

We did get one big mortar firework. It was 8 shots, but what I didn't know is we had to shoot them off individually. It didn't have the same awesome effect having to go light them one at a time. 

But that didn't stop us from having a blast watching all the neighbors firework shows. They go all out and it's so fun to watch. 

A couple weeks before the 4th of July, Owen bought a container of 30+ glow sticks at the Bible Bucks store at church. He was saving them specifically for this night. Since there were so many he was able to give most people at least two. It was so fun to see him excited to share something. Plus is made for lots of fun glow stick fights!