Friday, August 9, 2019

House Update: Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

The last place I left off in regards to the house drama was we had come home from our GWL adventure to the sheer wall being completed and the plumber reinstalling the water heater. The next thing on the contractors list was to get the sheer wall inspected. Here's where we hit another hiccup. The first time the contractors requested an inspector the person just didn't even show up. Then they had to put the request through again and it was taking forever. Come to find out the inspector that was supposed to show up ended up getting fired because she was ghosting clients. She was booking inspections, saying she was the there, but not actually inspecting and then taking the money. Yeah...not cool! 

Thankfully an actual inspector finally came out and gave everything the green light. That meant that we were 95% of the way finished. All that was left was painting the exterior of the house and the window wraps inside. Oh one thing I hadn't mentioned on here was the fact that when we got home from GWL we saw that the contractors had finished off framing in the windows from the inside. They looked so nice, but they did the framing a little differently than they where framed in before. Because of this our blinds were now too short so....they owed us new blinds as well. 

I can't remember the date, but one afternoon one of the contractors came over with the painter that was going to be painting our house just to look over the project. He came in the house and walked all around counting how many window wraps he'd be painting and such. As he was standing outside he asked me what kind of sheen we wanted to go with. I told him that I didn't really know. He was adamant that we go with this Velvety Flat. I told him I'd call Michael and find out what he'd like. I called Michael right there and he said he wanted Satin. I told him what the guy said about the Velvety Flat and he said...No, I want Satin. Okay...who am I to argue with a former painter. I went out and told the painter that my husband wants it to be in Satin. That's when he turned to me and said..."Ok, well I'm just gonna let you know your house is going to look like crap!" I was completely floored! How unprofessional!!! When Michael got home I was so upset! I did not want that guy painting our house at all. I'm not a feminist in the least, but I know without a doubt he would have never spoken to my husband in that manner. Michael ended up calling the contractors to see if we could get the money they had allotted for painting our house and then hire our own painter instead. Unfortunately the contractors didn't bid our job the best and they were going to end up eating a lot of the cost for our house to be painted so that wasn't an option at all. 

So...while we waited to find out when the jerk of a painter would actually be working on our house we got busy doing the work we wanted to get done prior to the house getting painted. 

Not long after Owen was born we had new gutters put on, but in recent years they have been falling down and Michael was having to tack them back up a couple times a year. Since we knew we were changing the house color I knew I wanted to get new white gutters because the old gutters were this yellow/cream color. In order to make it so the new gutters wouldn't come off Michael wanted to put up fascia boards...actually he'd been wanting to put these up for years and now was the perfect time. 

On May 25th my parents watched the kids so Michael and I could go to Lowe's to pick out all the lumber we would be needing in order to rebuild our deck. Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea so there wasn't much wood to pick from. Instead Michael and I placed the order for the lumber to be delivered. That's when I also bought all the cushions for my outdoor sectional. The order was supposed to be delivered on June 3rd, but it wasn't. Later I found out they were missing about 10 railings for our deck that's why they didn't deliver it to us. Not sure why they didn't call, but after me talking to a manager a few times we got it straighten out and they decided to make two deliveries so we could get started on our projects. 

First thing Michael did was take down the old gutters. 

Bottom portion of the fascia boards are up. 

Caulking the seams. 

Moving onto the garage section. 

This is what happens when I'm not making sure the seams line up! This whole process was a mess really. Our house was built in 1975 and nothing is square and nothing is level so everything is kind of wonky and takes forever to get just right. 

Moving on up to the second floor. 

Thankfully after taking the fascia boards off and putting them back up over and over on the first floor we finally figured out the best course of action. 

Michael built a jig that helped him and it went must faster! 

Hammering in the last board. 

This whole process took days to get finished, but once it was done it really did make the house look nice. 

On Saturday June 29th, Michael started working to fix the fence. He built this fence back when I was pregnant with Jackson and it needed a little TLC. 

Owen was a sweet helper and he certainly loved getting to use the nail gun. 

Being Daddy's helper is fun! 

Michael installed all new top boards since those were rotting out and then he replaced a few fence boards as well. 

Looking so nice!!! 

Last year the woods by our house got taken out in preparation for a new housing development going in. By this time they finally had a couple house built and they had just finished painting this one and I fell in love with the color so much. When it came to picking out the color of our house I had flip flopped back and forth so many times. I really wanted blue, but I knew Michael hated blue so I was leaning more towards a grey, but then I noticed that the people across the street from us have a grey house so I didn't want to copy them. It had been stressful. Then I saw that new house and that color and I knew it was the one. One night on our way to Lowe's Ella and I stopped in to talk to the real estate guy and ask him the name of the color. He got out the book with the different color schemes and let me take a picture. 

The blue color is Admiralty and it's from PPG. I knew we were going to use Sherwin Williams so I called them up and they already had a color match on file. I did not want to use the grey or the brown accent colors though. It felt so nice to have the actual color picked and to feel so confident. Now we just had to wait for the painter to come paint the house.