Monday, August 12, 2019

Riverview Youth Camp!

During the school year all the kids go to Awanas on Wednesday night, but come May Awanas gets out for summer. Our church has Youth Group on Wednesday nights so during the summer months the older boys get to go to that. Back in May I found out about camp and how the boys could earn their way to camp by selling car wash tickets. Each of the boys had to sell 30 car wash tickets to go to camp for free.

I had already paid for Awanas camp for the boys so I told them if they wanted to go they would need to earn their way. They did great selling tickets. They sold some to family and friends at Jack & Zeke's birthday party, they sold some to people at church and to Michael's co-workers. Of course Michael and I bought some as well. The day they needed to turn in the money the boys had 6 tickets left to sell. A week or so before that Michael had done some work for my parents and they wanted to pay him for his time. Michael didn't want to be paid so I just told my Dad if he really wanted to help he could buy the rest of the tickets so the boys could go to camp. He was happy to do that! 

I took the boys up to church on Thursday, July 11th! 

There were 8 kids going from our church, but the camp itself had over 600 kids going to it. Ron was the only leader from our church going, but the girls that were from our church had a surrogate female leader from another church looking after them. 

This was the first time any of the kids were staying over night somewhere other than family or friends. Big milestone for sure!!! 

Jackson was so busy already having a blast with his friend Jack from church I didn't even get a picture with him. 

One of the Moms is a total pro at this camp thing and she made these fun snack bags for each of the kids. Such a great idea!!! 

All buckled in and ready to go! Prior to this we got in a circle and prayed together for the trip and the kids time at camp. 

And they're off! 

The nice thing about this first camp experience was it was only for 4 nights. I was surprised how much I missed those boys and how much Ella and Zeke missed their brothers. 

The following are pictures that Ron texted all us parents during camp. It was so great getting all these updates on how the kids were doing.

Owen participating in a game. 

Jackson and Jack building a fort. 

Boys playing garbage or trash I can never remember the name. 

The boys messy room! 

Grubbing on some food. 

I about died when I saw that Owen had veggies on his plate. I was told he didn't eat them though. At least they were on his plate. 

Jackson sort of doing the limbo!

The boys with their finished fort! 

They had a great first camp experience at Silver Lake Camp! 

On the way home which according to the boys took FOREVER!!! 

Rolling in on Monday, July 15th! 

It was awesome hearing all about their experiences and the fun they had.

There were even some awesome videos made about camp...