Thursday, August 15, 2019

Papa's Truck!

On Thursday August 1st, we went down and got Michael's Dad's truck to use it to make a trip to the dump. If you know me the dump is one of my favorite places. I love getting to chuck stuff down in to the pit. Yes...I'm weird!! 

We got back from getting the truck and I decided to get right to work loading it. Michael wasn't wanting to do it that night, but after a while he came out and helped me finish up getting it loaded and then he helped me strap it down. I have been working him to death so he's really tired. I asked Owen if he wanted to go with me to the dump and he was a little apprehensive, but he wanted to go. The last time he went he got yelled at by one of the workers to get back in the truck. I told the guy he was almost 10 and he was going to help me. I swear people need to stop seeing kids as helpless creatures. He was totally capable of helping me and the guy finally saw that, but he told Owen he had to stay in the bed of the truck. This time around no one said anything and we had a blast together. 

I love this guy! 

The next day Ella begged me to drive them around the neighborhood and let them sit in the bed of the truck. They were so cute!!! When we were driving people were smiling. We stopped at two different friends houses, but neither of them were home. While I was driving it dawned on me that this is something we are missing nowadays. Driving around going slow in an old pick up truck just enjoying life. Not necessarily going anywhere just enjoying the trip and each other. 

I wanted to get a picture with all the kids and no I did not let them stand up while I was driving. 

We have a free Little Library in our neighborhood so we stopped there so the kids could each get a new book or two. It was such fun little outing!