Saturday, August 17, 2019

Riding His Bike!!

In the beginning of August, Zeke all of a sudden decided he wanted to learn to ride his bike without training wheels. I had tried to teach him before, but his legs were just too short for me to be able to teach him like I did Ella last year. I figured it would be easier to wait and let him grow a bit. Well...he finally grew so his feet touch the ground! I spent two afternoons with him and taught him exactly like I did with Ella. He was getting a bit frustrated, but mainly I think he was too hot so I let him stop. 

The next time the kids wanted to ride bikes he went out and started practicing over and over and over all by himself. 

Then when Michael got home he wanted to show Daddy and he just started riding his bike. He didn't even need a push he started all on his own. 

He was so determined to learn! 

I am so proud of this guy for sticking with it and working it out! He's absolutely amazing. Now we just need to work on having him looking at where he's going and not down at his feet and then we'll be good to go on some family bike rides! 

Check out this takes him a bit to get going, but once he does...he's off!