Sunday, August 11, 2019

First Trip To Wild Waves!

Last year over Labor Day weekend I saw a really good deal on Wild Waves Season Passes. I ended up buying them for me and the kids to use this summer. We used them last year to go to Holiday W/Lights, but we hadn't yet used them to go on rides or swimming. On Tuesday, July 9th I took a day off from working in the yard and the kids and I headed out to have a day of fun. 

I was trying to get to Wild Wave by the time they opened at 10:30am, but while we were waiting at the light to turn onto Enchanted Parkway I remembered that I forgot to pack my bathing suit. We were already planning on stopping at Costco so I figured I would buy a new suit if I found one I liked. Unfortunately they didn't have any bathing suits that I liked. I told the kids I was just going to watch them, but they were pretty insistent about me swimming so we drove all the way home to get my suit. 

Since they don't allow outside food in the park I told the kids we would go on the rides first, then go out to the van to eat lunch and then when we came back in we'd change and go in the water. 

The first ride the older boys wanted to go on was The Wild Thing. 

Ella, Zeke and I just hung out and waited for them. 

After that we went on the Pirate Ship which surprisingly the kids were really freaked out about. After that the older boys wanted to go on the wooden rollercoaster while Ella and Zeke wanted to do the littler kids rides. I had brought the house cellphone with us so I gave that to Owen so he could keep in contact with me. 

Zeke wanted to go on this cute little train and I guess I just like to do things with my kids because it didn't even dawn on me that I wouldn't be able to go. When I asked the lady running the ride if I could go with them she looked at me like I was crazy and said..."No!" This train ride was SO slow!!! Zeke wanted me to film it and it took over 3 minutes. When it was over Ella said it was the most boring ride EVER!!! Hahaha! 

Next up was the Airplanes. 

We met up with the boys at the Bumper Cars. This was when I got a little irritated. Poor Zeke isn't even tall enough to go on the Bumper Cars. So we left the older boys at the Bumper Cars to go ride on the big slide and again Zeke wasn't tall enough. It was kind of frustrating really. It was my fault though...I should have researched the height requirements before going so there wouldn't have been any surprises like this. 

After this the kids wanted to go on the Para Gliders...which are my favorite ride. But...they don't allow single riders and you can't have 3 to a seat. There are 5 of us so I didn't get to go on the ride. I'm a little bitter! I know I could have waited and then had one of the kids sit with me and one of them stand and wait, but I didn't like that idea and we were getting hungry anyways. 

After eating lunch and changing it was off to the water park. 

It was a little cloudy, but actually that's really nice because then it's not so busy. This area is called Hooks Lagoon. It's the littler kid area. Zeke and Ella had fun playing here...until it was closed because a babies diaper leaked. Ewww! 

After that we went over to the Wave Pool....the older boys were off doing the bigger slides. 

The Wave Pool closed as well, but I didn't see anything happen so I'm not sure what was going on. Thankfully it wasn't closed for too long.  

We hung out and waited for it to open up. 

If I remember right we went back to Hook's Lagoon to play again and then came back to the Wave Pool. By this point Owen and Jack met back up with us and Jack took Ella to go on the Raging River. 

I decided that Owen, Zeke and I should go on the Lazy River. I love the Lazy River at Silverwood and this was fun too! 

We had Soccer Camp that night so we left around 3:30pm, but that's the best part about having Season can stay for just a couple of hours and it's not a big deal.