Friday, August 16, 2019

Uncle Bucks Bowling!

For the whole month of July, Michael and I had been so focused on the house it had been work work work. We hadn't really done anything fun with the kids as a family since going camping in June. Also on August 4th the bigger boys were going away to Awanas camp for a whole week so we knew we needed to do something fun. The morning of Saturday, August 3rd we took the kids to see Spiderman Far From Home at Kent Station. After that we drove down to Tacoma to use a Groupon I bought months ago for Uncle Buck's Bowling. 

This bowling alley is actually attached to the Bass Pro Shop and it's got this great underwater theme. 

I love how the ball return is a sharks head. 

The area where the lanes are have these fun lights shining on them so it looks like you are actually underwater. 

Even though we had popcorn and soda at the movie theater we were getting hungry so Michael ordered three appetizers....fried cheese curds, brisket nachos and a side of fries. 

They also have all sorts of colorful fish hanging from the ceiling above where you sit.

Zeke and Ella both used the ramp to help them send the ball down the lane. One of the cool things was the guy programed the lane so Michael and I didn't have bumpers, but the kids did. I didn't know they could do that! 

Sweet siblings!

In the end Michael won and all the kids beat me!! Hahaha!!

After playing we did go over and check out Bass Pro Shop, but we didn't buy anything. I would really like to buy a gun and get a conceal carry permit, but that's something we really need to do more research on and I'd like to go shopping for that sans kiddos.