Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Movie Night

Recently the boys had become way to dependant on TV for their entertainment. It's hard for it to not be a major part of it with them being sick, mommy needing to get things done and the weather being cruddy. But....I wanted to change that. So instead of TV being a daily habit we are now treating it more like...well a treat! In the mornings they do get to watch a half an hour of Curious George, but then the TV goes off.

Michael wanted to make our first family movie night really special for the kids. So he make tickets for them using the picture for the movie we were watching. The boys had to present their tickets at the door. The sign says, "Grand Opening! Martin Family Screen House"

After they passed their ticket through the door they got to go into the "movie theater"...

and redeem the second half of their ticket for one container of popcorn and one container of candy.

The day before our movie night Jack and I made a stop at The Dollar Store to stock up on candy. I picked out 4 different kinds, (I did buy other stuff too) but then when we got home there were 5 options. I checked my receipt and I did pay for it, but I just didn't put it in the cart. I wonder who did! :)

We had never seen How To Train Your Dragon before. New movies make Jack nervous so this is how he spent the first 5 minutes of the movie, but he soon warmed up to it. It was a super cute movie and it was fun getting to hang out in bed with the boys eating junk food. Ella was up for the first part of the movie...she loved eating popcorn, surprise surprise! ;)