Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Feel Like I Can Finally Breathe!

On Wednesday I went in to see the doctor for another check up just to make sure things were progressing well. The PA is so wonderful! I just love her! She never makes me feel bad and we have a lot of fun chatting. She first did an internal ultrasound and we got to see the baby and my goodness that baby was moving around all over the place. In fact so much so it was almost impossible to get a good picture. We also go to see the cute little heart beating away.

11 weeks right on track!

After the internal ultrasound she decided it would be fun to see if we could hear the heartbeat with the Doppler thing. This was something I really nervous about. I wasn't expecting her to check for the heartbeat at this appt I figured it wouldn't be until my next appt and I was thinking they would just check for the heartbeat and not do an ultrasound. That was the way we first knew that Kyan had died...she couldn't find the heartbeat. This was so much better...getting to see the heart beating first and then having her check for it relaxed me since I KNEW it was actually beating. The nice thing was she found the heartbeat right away. It was SO nice to hear that thump thump! She also did another ultrasound this time external trying to get a better picture, but the baby was just not cooperating. Cute stinker! :)

11 weeks 1 day

This week I took out all my maternity clothes. I just couldn't take it anymore! We also decided it was time to officially tell the kids. They were really effected by the miscarriage so we wanted to wait until I got further along. At dinner tonight we talked about how God answers prayers and he answered our prayer for a new baby. The kids had actually been talking about wanting another baby for the last couple of weeks so they were very happy!


Melody said...

What great, encouraging news! And your little pouch is absolutely adorable!