Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Day!

Today we were all feeling pretty rough...having a cold sucks! So this morning the TV was our friend and we just kind of had whatever for breakfast. Dry Corn Flakes, Nutri-Grain Bars, Bananas and Multi Grain Cheerios. Nothing that took Mama any time or extra energy that's for sure!

Since we were just having a relaxed morning before heading out for homeschooling at Miss Kim's, I brought the girls highchairs in the living room so they could sit and eat with us.

They liked being so close!

Where's Logan? Where's Ella?

Later on after school the girls decided to hang out on the step to the garage and drink their sippy cups. I swear I can envision them 60 years from now sitting next to each other in rocking chairs on the front porch drinking their tea and spying on the neighbors.

Synchronized drinking!

Ella is totally in this goofy phase when she smiles. She thinks she has to lift her head up, close her eyes and smile really really big! Silly girl!

Logan just started saying "chee" and when I snapped this picture I knew instantly I would have to email it to her mom right away. Such a cutie pie!