Monday, May 19, 2014

Change Of Scenery!

Last week we got to do some work around the house and yard. Michael was fixing my garden wall since the mole had messed it up pretty bad last summer and I was cleaning up the deck. Michael really wants to stain it this summer, but that seemed silly to do with the tugboat sand box on the deck. The sand is terribly rough on the deck and I get really tired of all the sand being brought in the house. So we decided to move the sandbox to the front yard and move the water table to the deck. 

Zeke was the first kiddo to play with the water table in it's new location. 

Zeke is very opinionated about what he wants to play with. I thought I'd bring out a fish and a boat and he did not want to play with them! 

Busy doing his job!

Of course he ended up getting soaked so badly he needed a wardrobe change! 

I'm not going to look at the camera and smile!