Friday, May 23, 2014

Zeke's 2nd Birthday!!!

The day before Zeke's party I got the garage all cleaned up and ready for the drive-in movie. Our friend Micah came over and set up his projector, sound board and a white sheet to make the drive-in movie possible. Thank you Micah!!! 

The Cars looked so cute all set up! There is a completely separate blog post coming about the Cars. 

On the door into the garage I put a sign that said...Dinoco King's Drive-in!

After all the kids arrived I had them line up so I could talk to them about the drive-in movie and what was going to happen. 

The kids got to draw the name of their car from a bowl so there wouldn't be any fighting over what car they got or didn't get. 

I did put McQueen's name aside since he was being saved for the Birthday Boy! One the kids came into the garage they got to grab a small bowl of popcorn and then find their Car. 

Andrew got Sally! 

Josiah got Flo! 

Lilyann got Sheriff! 

Jack got Sarge! 

Owen got Fillmore! 

Ella got Red! 

Kendra got King! 

Here's the Birthday Boy! 

Unfortunately Zeke Man was not feeling very because of this cold that was holding on for dear life. He was coughing and was a bit whiny most of the day! 

The kids got to watch some of the short films from Tow Maters Tall Tales. There were a few cars empty since a couple families weren't able to make it to the party! :(

I had lots of fun with the food and coming up with the labels that would correspond with the movie. Here is Luigi's Leaning Tower of Tires! 

These are Sarges Stoplights! 

Doc's Dipsticks! 

Mack's Melons! 

Chick's Chips! 

Sally's Sausage Pizza! 

Happy boy with his donut...I think it was the only thing he ate all night! 

Zeke is normally a Pa boy, but since he was not feeling good he was even more of a Pa boy today! Of course Pa loved every minute of it! 

Earlier in the day the weather was so nice, but as the party got closer the sky got dark and the clouds rolled in and it started to pour! I was super bummed since really the only game we had planned was an outdoor game. Thankfully after dinner the rain stopped so we took advantage of it. 

We were off to the races....The Piston 200! 

The kids brought all their cars outside and then they each got to run from the starting line to the finish line. Michael was at the finish line with a stopwatch. Each of the kids had their own Pit Pass with their name on it and then I would write in the time it took them to run the race. 

Jack decided he didn't want to race with Sarge so he choose Tow Mater instead. 

Zeke was not going to race on his own so Pa put McQueen over Zeke's head and then held him and ran. 

On Thursday when I had some trouble with the van I needed some help from the neighbors. While they were helping I mentioned the party and the race. They were so excited so they came and were spectators for the race. It was so fun! 

I thought it was fun how the kids had a sort of ownership of their cars. They knew which one was theirs and it was important that they had the right one. 

Thankfully we didn't have any injuries during the course of the race. 

I was going to have the kids do a craft project which was decorate Fillmore with graffiti, but we just didn't get around to it. 

Camryn did a great job racing in heels! 

Ella thought that race was code for Sunday drive! She was sure cute though! 

Group shot! 

Camryn ended up winning the race. Her time was 4.17 seconds! She was a trophy that said "Winner Piston 200" and a 100 Grand candy bar!

 Even Pa & Uncle Ry got to take some cars for a "test drive"! 

Since I was busy making Cars I knew that I was not going to make a big fancy cake this time. So I ended up buying an ice cream cake. Since Zeke was sick we cut his piece off the cake so he wouldn't blow his germs all over the rest of the cake. 

Present Time! 

Jack spent his own money and got Zeke a brand new Lightning McQueen. He did not let it go!

Uncle Ry & Aunt Stephie got Zeke a McQueen helmet. I got Zeke a McQueen backpack, lunchbox and bicycle that I found at the Mill Creek garage sales. He also got a board book, McQueen swim shorts and money! 

Ga-Ga & Pa got Zeke this Cars table. I actually found it on Craigslist in Canada, but that didn't work out. Then I found a guy that had one and he lived in Longview. He actually worked at Fort Lewis so we met there. It worked out perfectly! 

Zeke drove around with his new McQueen! 

As you can see from his face he is not too sure about sharing his birthday present! 

You know the saying....sing with me now...It's my party and I'll cry if I want to! No birthday party is complete without tears!