Monday, May 12, 2014


Don't ever let Zeke get a hold of your laptop! It's not pretty! 

Thankfully this was my old laptop that had turned into a play toy for Ella. It was a great laptop for a time, but then when I was pregnant with Zeke I was carrying the laptop in a laundry basket down the stairs when I slipped and fell backwards sending the basket flying. Out fell the laptop and it really wasn't the same after that. The side of the screen got cracked and then every time I opened it up it would separate just a little bit more. Slowly, but surely it went kaput! Ella has loved having it for her play laptop. I find it hilarious that she wants to play with it since it doesn't turn on or make any noises. We have 3 other play laptops that have games on them, but this is the one she likes the best. Unfortunately it's missing some crucial parts now! I have a feeling this might be the final nail in the coffin!