Thursday, March 5, 2015



I take the kids there pretty often. We love to take advantage of Kids Eat Free Tuesdays! So does every other mother in the South Seattle area. It can definitely be busy! But it's absolutely worth it. Our first stop is always Smaland where the older 3 can play...Owen and Jack get to come if they don't have school. Poor Zeke is potty trained, but you have to be 37" tall. He's only 34" so it's gonna be a while before he can join them. Most of the time we end up waiting at least 30 minutes in line before the kids can check into the playarea. It's okay though we usually meet some really great friends while were in line. The kids get to play for an hour while Zeke and I get to run through the store gathering up the few things we need. Sometimes I really only need one or two things and since I've been to IKEA quite a few times I know where all the shortcuts are so I can get through pretty quickly. Since I don't want to jip the kids out of their play time Zeke and I will wander the different sections. He loves to run and open all the kitchen cabinet drawers and jump up into each chair as we pass them. On this particular trip we made our way through the mattress section and he just had to get all cozy in a few of the beds. 

Everyone smiles and thinks he's just the cutest things ever...after all he is!! :) It's been fun getting some alone time with him while the others play. A little preview of what life will be like come September! 

Side Note: I registered Ella for Kindergarten on Tuesday. This is really happening!!!