Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Update On Goals For 2014!

It's March and I'm finally getting around to posting about our goals for this year....better late than never right! 

First I wanted to have a record of how well we did on our goals for last year. Click here if you want a recap of our goals for 2014. 

Home & Yard Goals...completed. 

Secure flashing on roof
Bleach house
Paint exhaust stack
Paint master bedroom ceiling
Build tree house
Fill in the area where the clematis was with dirt
Kill moles! 
Power wash fence, driveway and walkway

Home & Yard Goals....not completed. 

Move pea gravel to the play area
Edge play area
Put crushed gravel on ramp and easement
Buy dirt, raise soil level and reseed the backyard
Stain the deck
Buy and install forced air heaters in the kids rooms

The few that we didn't do were mainly in the backyard and that's because we are still trying to figure out exactly what we'd like to do in regards to design back there. As for the heaters in the kids rooms we are still researching options in regards to those. Out of all the things we did accomplish my favorite one hands down has got to be KILLING THE MOLES!!!! Oh yeah I'm so happy those awful things are no longer in our yard. Maybe now we can level out our front yard once and for all.

Financial Goals...completed.

Replenish emergency fund
Complete Baby Step #4 of Financial Peace University 
Save for a replacement car for Michael

Not only did we save for a replacement car...we bought a replacement car....WITH CASH!

Financial Goals...not completed. 

Save for driveway and home remodel 

I have a feeling this goal will be on our list for a few more years. This is one of those times I'm really happy that we cut up our credit cards because if we had them I'm sure I would have a new driveway by now. But....I'm super glad it's not that easy and we will thank ourselves in the long run! 

Personal Goals - Michael 

Finish reading meters - March 2014 Michael officially started his new position on the service crew so wahoo to no more meter reading! 
Learn to drive a stick shift and the dump truck - This goal ended up not being necessary. It doesn't really matter if Michael knows how to drive a stick shift or not. 

Personal Goals - Lyndsay 

Read the whole Bible chronologically - I made it to August so I got close. 
Get an update in regards to make-up and clothes - Did some shopping and researched Pinterest for how to do make-up for my eyes. 
Maintain mental health and improve physical health - My mental health has been improving still working on hormone issues and my depression, but 2014 was definitely better. Physical health suffered a bit so I'm working on that this year. 
Get involved in the PTA - Went to meetings never took the plunge and signed up. 
Join the church choir - Sung the Christmas choir and loved it!!! 

Couple Goals: 

Go on consistent dates - Again we had pretty consistent dates until August...something I guess Disneyland threw us off. 
Go to the gun range - Never did make it to the gun range

Overall I feel happy with what we accomplished in 2014.