Thursday, March 19, 2015

SeaTac Community Center!

Last Friday the boys didn't have school so we were able to have lunch with Daddy at work. I was going to ask him if there was a cool park nearby that we should go to, but he beat me to it. He told me to take the kids over to the SeaTac Community Center. I didn't even know SeaTac had a community center. 

There were three separate for little kids, one for bigger kids and then a rock climbing area. 

The big boys headed over to the little kid area at first and then quickly discovered that wasn't going to be very entertaining. The funny thing is Zeke wanted to go to the big boy area right away and was so frustrated that he had to go to the little kid area. I mean what do we think he is...2 years old!!! ;) 

At first Ella needed to hold my hands to go across these, but after a few times she ended up just jumping across. Zeke went across once and I had to bend my leg down as an extra step between each one since his little legs are so short! 

To the right of these were the monkey bars and I had Jack work on using those. His core is still really weak and this is something my neighbor Rachael told me would really help build his muscle and would be fun at the same time. While we were there he didn't seem to thrilled with it, but then when we got home was bummed that our swing set doesn't have monkey bars so I'm thinking he enjoyed it more than he was letting on. He definitely likes to challenge himself. 

Pretty good picture of all 4 of my monkeys! 


Show me the love! 

Swings is another thing that still really freaks Jack out. He does not want to go high at all. In fact he avoids the swings like the plague most of the time. I had to tell him he was getting on these one. He is able to keep himself going, but he doesn't like going high or fast. Again this has to do with his core and the fact that his body has a hard time telling him where spatially.

They only had two big kid swings and two little kid swings and let me tell you my Ella Bean is a healthy girl and it was hard getting her into this swing. I need to start lifting weights! 

Little boy...big hill! 

The rock wall was cool, but I think it was missing some of the hand and foot holds. They were very sparse and there were tons of holes where there could be more so I'm not sure if they broke off and just haven't been fixed or if they just thought that kids should be able to climb with the few that were there. 

There were definitely enough to get you started and then once you got 3/4 of the way to the top there weren't any. I tried to climb and even my arms weren't long enough to make that stretch to get to the top. Oh well...the kids had lots of fun and after this we walked around a bit and explored and then it was time to head home for naps.