Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dash Point Park!

We've been having unseasonably good weather here in Washington so much so the trees are budding and the bulbs are coming up. A week ago after church we decided to take the kids to the beach. They have been wanting to go play in the sand for a while now. There is a beach about 20 minutes from our house that has a pier, sand and play toys. Normally there isn't that much sand since we always go when the tide is in, but on this day we were there right at low tide. The beach was so much bigger than it normally is! 

The kids always start out helping Daddy with the sandcastle, but he usually ends up being the one to finish it and then all Owen wants to do is wreck it. 

While Michael was working on the castle I was over at the play area with whichever kids wanted to be over there at that particular time. 

Ella, Zeke and I walked out on the pier all the way to the end. It was a bit freaky since I had flashes of having to jump in the water to save one of them. We didn't stay out there long! 

Michael finished his castle and then it was time to go. We didn't let Owen wreck the castle since there were other kids there and we thought they might enjoy playing with it when we left. By the time we go to the van some kids were already playing with it so I'm glad we left it. After that we went to the hardware store and bought a new weed eater and then we came home and Michael mowed the lawn for the first time this February! Oh my....I think this means we are either going to have a crappy summer or a scorching hot one and I hope it the later one!