Saturday, February 28, 2015

It's A Beautiful Butterfly!

At the Bible Bucks store last Sunday Ella got to use her Bible Bucks and she got this cute bead kit. I loved making these when I was little. She had a hard time getting the beads in without knocking out the ones that she had already placed. She helped me with the outline and then I did the inside. 

Then she got to watch while I ironed it together. It was so fun! 

Here's right after it was was still too hot for her to hold. Later that night Ga-Ga & Pa came over and she gave it to Ga-Ga to have. Such a sweetie pie! She's already told me she's excited that when she goes to Ga-Ga's house she'll get to play with it! 

Side note: Bible Bucks are something that the kids earn in their classes at church. They get 10 Bible Bucks just for coming and then they get more each Sunday for bringing their Bible, participating, good behavior, memorizing scripture or in Ella's case being able to say what the big idea of the day is. The last Sunday of each month the store is opened up so the kids can get all sorts of treasures to take home. Of course the most popular in our house is candy!