Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ella's 5 Year Pictures!

Boy what a difference a year can make! Last year Michael took Ella to get her 4 year pictures done since I was recovering from my final gum surgery and she was a pill. The guy literally got 3 good shots of her and that was it. This year was totally opposite! She even said to me, "I'm going to smile this year Mommy"! 

As we got closer to the day of her pictures I realized that Ella didn't really have anything nice that didn't have any stains on it....she is still such a messy girl. She did have a few things, but they were all outfits she'd worn in previous pictures and I wanted something new and special. We were out running errands the day before and we had to stop at Target anyway so we looked at the clothes there, but I have to tell you I really don't like Targets clothes. I don't know who is picking out the styles, but they are so ugly. Absolutely not my taste. Plus their clearance section is nothing to write home about. So after picking up the few things we needed at Target we walked over to Kohl's to check out the clearance section there. Ella walked right up to this outfit and loved it. It ended up being her size the only thing was it was marked at $60 and I only had $20 in my clothing envelope. It was in the clearance section, but that doesn't mean anything...someone could have just hung it up there. So we walked to the front of the store and the lady scanned it and it was only $18!!! 

My cute 5 year old girl! 

The best part about the outfit was it came with a matching one for her dollie! The night before I had to fix her dollie's hair and it wasn't going well. The only thing I ended up being able to do was braid her hair. The next morning I convinced Ella to have her hair like her dollie's. I think it's just the cutest thing ever!!!