Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Date Night!!!

Last Saturday Michael and I got to go on a had been about 3 months since our last date. With choir, sicknesses and him being on-call it just hasn't worked out. So when there was a chance we took it. First stop was my parents to drop the kids off for their one sleepover and off to the movies we went. 

We saw American Sniper and it was amazing. They are Marines so of course there are quite a few swear words, but nothing super vulgar. I had not read up on the movie at all and I actually didn't even know it was a true story until right before the movie. I had heard from a couple people that it was very moving. I didn't actually cry, but at the end I was seriously holding back some tears. Walking out of the theater was the hardest part. You could tell everyone in the theater was just absorbing what they had seen so it was silent! I would strongly recommend seeing it! Most of the time the movies they pick for the Oscars are just a bunch of junk, but this movie deserves every single one it's nominated for. Bradley Cooper was awesome! 

After that we headed over to Tacoma and enjoyed Happy Hour at The Melting Pot. We got cheese fondue, shared a salad, Michael got an Ale and then we had chocolate fondue all for $40!! Most of the time you can't get out of there without spending at least $100 so Happy Hours is totally worth it!

Since we had such an early dinner we decided to stop and get a movie at the Red Box. Michael and I both LOVE movies so this is pretty typical for our dates. We got another war movie...this time WWII. It's Brad Pitt's movie Fury. It was not a true story, but it was actually good. There was some vulgar language from one of the actors...he played Shane in The Walking Dead. I could have done without that, but other than that it was decent. Since we saw two war movies I kept getting them intertwined when I would think back to what happened at a certain part...oh well! 

We actually got to bed earlier than normal which was awesome. I was teaching preschool at church the next morning so unfortunately we didn't really get to sleep in. It was just awesome having over 24 hours of no parental responsibilities!