Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Show Me Those Pearly Whites!

About a week and a half ago it was time to take the bigger boys in for their dentist appointments. I was supposed to take them in back in December during Christmas break, but then we all got the flu so that didn't work out. The boys were totally bummed and couldn't wait to go. They love getting new toothbrushes and a token for the toy machine in the lobby!

Jackson is getting so big. He wasn't nervous at all this time around. I even left him and spent a bit of time with Owen in the other room and he was fine. 

Owen got to get xrays of his whole know the machine that goes all the way around your head. It was so cool so see all this adult teeth just hanging out up in his skull just waiting to come down when it's time. 

Ella and Zeke were very good waiting for their siblings to get finished. They did go back and forth between Owen and Jack's room, but the hygienist didn't mind. They even gave got new toothbrushes and tokens as well! 

Zeke loves the big wall decals! 

Ella said don't forget me mom! 

Jackson getting worked on. See how high he has to sit up in the chair. When the hygienist pulled him up higher his pants ended up coming down. It was so funny! Later when the dentist came to check out his teeth he had to be pulled up again and I had to remind him to hold onto his drawers!!! The only thing that we do have some concern about is Jack's front permanent teeth that are coming in. He has such a small mouth so those teeth are coming in almost completely sideways. They look like little doors that are almost open. She wants to keep an eye on it so in 6 months we'll reevaluate if we need to pull the two teeth beside them to give them more room and once he gets his first 2 permanent molars she might be able to anchor braces to those permanent teeth to then straighten out his front two teeth. The dentist has always been pretty straightforward in saying that Jack would need braces so this isn't a surprise!  

Owen is totally a pro at worries at all. The best thing is he's doing so much better at brushing his gums so they didn't bleed nearly as bad as the last time! 

Picture proof he is a total and complete stinker...look at that face!!