Monday, February 2, 2015

SuperBowl....AKA A Day Of Devastation!!!

The Superbowl is simultaneously the best and the worst day of the year. I LOVE football!!! I blame my husband for this....about 4 years ago I decided I would like to actually hang out with him on Sundays so I had to start watching football to be with him. And lo and behold....I fell in love with the game. I remember thinking this game is so stupid you just catch the ball and run....where is the strategy in that. Oh how wrong I was. Once you understand the game it's so clearly a strategic game and it's super fun. I like action and in football there is LOTS. Baseball.....I'm sorry....BORING!!!! 

After the win against the Green Bay Packers Ga-Ga and Pa decided they'd host again for the Superbowl like they did last year. This year I would say I was definitely more nervous about the Patriots! I didn't sleep that good on Saturday night. I knew it was going to be a hard fought CLOSE game. 

Everyone got there about an hour before kick-off so we had some time to chat and munch on food. Aunt Stephie went and got Zeke up from his nap, but he was so grumpy! He wanted to be held all the time!!! Of course you won't catch Aunt Stephie arguing with that! 

Stephie's Mom and Dad Kent and Sherry came to enjoy the festivities with us. Kent used to work at Safeco field so my remark about baseball probably wouldn't go over too well with him! :) 

Ga-Ga & Pa were sporting their new Superbowl 49 shirts. We actually got to talking about next year how the Roman Numeral for 50 is just an L. The symbol is going to look so funny! Michael said he heard that they might not use Roman Numerals because the L would look like LOSER!!

Took a few takes, but Mom finally got a good picture of us after videotaping us instead! Mom and electronics do not mix! Love you Mom!!! 

Jim and Norean came over as well. So nice to hang out with them since they missed Christmas due to the flu. Sadly this the last Superbowl we will get to enjoy with them as soon they are heading to the Midwest to build there dream home on a lake! We will sure miss them! 

And this was the closest I could get of a decent picture of Ryan! 

Watching the action! 

One time while we were watching the game I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but I didn't want to miss anything. Finally there was a point I could actual get up and go. While I was in there Ryan and Michael started hooting and hollering I just knew they were faking it trying to make me pull my pants up fast so I wouldn't miss anything. I was already washing my hands when I heard them so I sauntered out and peaked around the corner and called them on their BS! Stinkers!!! 

Sadly there was supposed to be 5 others joining us The Kuch Klan....Bill, Christina and their 3 kiddoes, Caleb, Anna & Addison. Poor Anna got the flu a few days before and we were hoping it was just her, but then Christina got sick. 

Even though the Kuch's couldn't make it I think we still planned for their presence in regards to food! 

We did not go hungry in the least!!! 

The best part of too much food is....LEFTOVERS!!! Mom sent us home with 3 bags and 1 box of food! 

Here we are...during halftime! 

During the second half I spent most of the time walking around. I can't sit and watch...I get too nervous. Last year was so different because by halftime we had already squashed the Broncos so my nerves we never frayed. This game was the absolutely opposite! It was a great hard fought game don't get me wrong and I'm sure the NFL was super happy with how close it was. Last years game wasn't necessarily a good Superbowl game by NFL standards since it was such a blow out. I think our guys played great...they were tough...they never gave up. Hello that catch by Jermaine Kearse was A-MAZING!! He never gave up on that ball. The look on Paul Allen's face after they said he completed the catch will forever be stuck in my mind....PRICELESS!!!

Now for that last play I seriously feel like I'm living in an alternate universe and somehow I'm on the wrong path and Lynch really did running it in and we won the Superbowl. If only right!!! I'm sad that it will forever go down in NFL history as the stupidest play call ever. I'm sad that Wilson didn't audible on the line and change the play, I'm sad that Pete is taking all the blame when we know that's not the case, I'm sad that it gives the media even more fuel for their true hate for the Seahawks, I'm sad that Russell Wilson didn't get to be on the podium proclaiming the name of Jesus. BUT.....he still did get to proclaim Jesus' name even in defeat! He is still trusting in God and His goodness and I think that's speaks volumes about his character! He is a STUD! If one thing came come from that game it's that Russell and all the other players can band together and support each other even in the tough times. They can show the world that one loss doesn't define a team. One play doesn't tarnish a legacy! 

Our guys will be back...there is NO DOUBT! Most of our team is already locked in for years. Bobby Wagner needs to accept a deal so the LOB can stay intact. Even if he doesn't stay with us Pete and John are so good at finding raw talent. Players that no one else gave a second look at and they turn them into star athletes! They are an amazing pair! 

In the end I'm so proud of our guys, I'm thankful that I chose to spend Sundays with my hubby and in turn fell in love with the game of football, I'm happy that this sport brings so many people together to celebrate and I'm hopeful that next year we'll do it all over again....but this time Lynch will run it in for the win!!!