Friday, February 27, 2015

Owen & Ella's Check-Ups!

Last week was Owen and Ella's yearly check up. Of course it was at a time where I had to take all 4 of the kids with me. The biggest bummer was the hospital where I take them doesn't have valet parking anymore. This was a huge blessing to have and I'm so sad it's gone now! 

Because I'm used to there being valet we got there just a few minutes before the appointment and then I realized I had to go to the parking garage and find a spot. Thankfully we found one on the first floor and then went up to the skybridge to get inside the building. We literally waited in the waiting room for all of 1 minute before it was time to go back. 

All of the kids wanted to be weighed, but Zeke. Owen is 8 years old and a whopping 47lbs! Jack is 6 1/2 and 44lbs and Ella is 5 and 42lbs. 

Owen has come up in the percentile charts, but he's still only in the 10% for his weight. He's perfect though....he's just like his daddy! 

Ella Grace is very proportionate she is in the 50% for her height and her weight. The best part for this trip was NO SHOTS! Yahoo!