Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valentine's Celebration!

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday instead of Saturday. My parents were going away for the weekend so my girlfriends and I were having our girls weekend while they were gone. I picked up the kids from school and we came home and started getting everything ready. 

We used our fine china and our nice gold flatware and fancy glasses. The kids love it when we spruce up the table. I ironed the tablecloth and we had nice napkins. Owen's favorite part is the candles. I didn't have any long candles so we just used votive candles instead.

I was planning on making Salmon, but on the way home Michael stopped at B & E Meats and got us Kalbi Bone-In Beef Ribs....oh they are so yummy! 

We also had steamed broccoli and baked potatoes with all the fixing. The kiddos had chicken nuggets of course!!! 

Recently we've changed the way we do things at the table and it's really been wonderful. Now we all sit down and before getting any food on our plates we go around and say one thing that we are thankful for that day. The kids have really been saying some very thoughtful sweet. 

The other thing we've changed is that the kids all have to stay at the table until everyone is finished eating. It is definitely easier to just let them run off once they are finished...Michael and I can have a quiet moment to talk, but it doesn't encourage family time. Plus Zeke eats slowly so when the older kids are done he just wants to get down...not because he's finished he just want to go play. This way he's forced to stay longer as are the other kids so he doesn't feel like he's missing out and he usually does eat more. Also it's training the kids for when we go to restaurants. Normally they finish eating and are all ready to go when the adults are still wanting to eat and chat. It's made a world of difference! 

And for fun here's the Valentine's I made for the boys to take to school. The girls say....You're a Gem! and they got candy bracelets and the boys say....You're so Charming! and they got Charm suckers.