Monday, March 16, 2015

Special Visitors & Confirmation!

Last week Logan got to come over and have lunch with us. Her mom and baby brother got to come too, but Ella was more excited about Logan. They haven't seen each other in quite a while. 

Ella wore her rainbow necklace that Logan got her for her 4th birthday and Logan wore hers too! So cute!!!

Not sure if you can see, but that little thing in on the left side of Logan's head is her Cochlear Implant. Logan and Ella both have fluid issues in their brain. Ella has Hydrocephalus and Logan and extra fluid in her ears. Last year they found out she's completely deaf on her right side and the left side also has extra fluid so she could go deaf in that ear at any time. It's been a crazy couple of months for Richard and Jen! Logan's surgery went great though and she seems to be doing well. 

This particular day was Logan's second appointment with the audiologist to get her implant adjusted. She didn't do very well the first appointment because everyone was there so Jen asked if I would watch baby Conner so it would just be her and Logan at the appointment. I have literally gotten rid of everything baby related so Jen brought over Conner's bouncy chair. 

Ella and Zeke were talking with Conner and trying to get him to smile and at first he wasn't having it. 

But we finally coaxed one out of him! 

Conner did really well...he is a pro at letting you know that he's is absolutely wasting away to nothingness and you better get him a bottle before he straight up dies! Seriously a pro! :) 

It was fun having a baby around for an afternoon, Logan and Ella could have played all day and night as I'm sure Jen and I could have talked all day and night! I was telling her that I enjoyed playing with and holding Conner, but something was also confirmed in my heart. I am really, honestly, truly done with having babies. After having Zeke I wasn't really sure if I was done. In fact while I was still in the hospital I even said...I could do this again! But now...nope! I'm done. It's nice not to worry about diapers, bottles, spit up, and baby gear everywhere. Kind of a strange feeling since my life was so wrapped up in babies for so many years. With that being said I would watch Conner again in a heartbeat...who can pass up baby snuggles!