Thursday, August 27, 2015


Jackson has been working so hard this summer on mastering the swings. This has been one of those activities that has been hard for him due to his spacial awareness and the lack of core muscles. He's really been working that core of his this summer as well...the monkey bars are great for that and he loves though!  

He's quite proud of himself and he loves to have you watch him and see how high he can get and that he can jump off. 

Sometimes when he does "jump" he gets off the swing too early and he just ends up walking on the grass. It's actually pretty cool looking! 

Another person that's been improving is Owen and his big brother status. He's getting so much better at being willing to help out his younger siblings. This is not something that comes easily for him...he is quite the self-centered boy. We have been talking about how we need to think of others and also about trying not to cause strive in our family. My true hope is that my kids will grow up and have a strong servant heart. I love love love to serve! That's why it's hard for me to say no....I have gotten better at it over the years though. I want them to truly enjoy helping others and find the joy in it!