Monday, August 3, 2015

Wyoming Trip 2015 - Day 2 & Day 3

 Something we learned from our Disney trip is that no matter what we are staying at Best Western...they are just the most consistent hotel chain! 

After eating our continental breakfast we loaded up the kids and set out for Cody Wyoming. 

Of course a child said they needed to pee and the very next rest stop was closed!!! So Michael did what everyone does on I-90...pulled over so the kids could pee on the side of the road. He did go a bit further though because he pulled over at the on ramp from the rest stop to the freeway and then he backed up so the kids could have a bit of privacy. Zeke is still such a little guy and he doesn't really know any better yet, but he just drops those pants of his and shows off his tushie to everyone. Jack was such a nice brother and he stood behind Zeke so he was covering up his tush! Of course Ella tried to pee outside...she wants to be just like one of the boys, but poor thing has a shy bladder! I will say that on the way home from this trip she finally peed outside on the side of the road. Another milestone accomplished!!! 

Not only were we at my Aunt Linda and Uncle Lee's, but there were actually 20 different people that stayed at the house during the week we were there. 

Aunt Linda & Uncle Lee
Ga-Ga & Pa
Uncle Ry & Aunt Stephie
My Cousin Melody and her 3 kids...Colton, Caden and Alli
My Cousin Marshall and 3 of his 4 kids...Tiffy, Lane & Peyton. Dillion was at Aunt Linda's house, but he left before we got there. 
Michael and I and our 4 kids...Owen, Jack, Ella & Zeke

It was awesome! Plus it never felt crowded...Aunt Linda's house is nice and spacious so that helped! 

This was Alli and Ella's first time meeting since they were bigger girls. They actually met before at Uncle Ry and Aunt Stephie's wedding, but Alli was a tiny baby and Ella had just turned 1 so neither of them remember. Of course they were fast friends and kept each other entertained. On Monday we did have to separate them a few times since they were getting on each other nerves a bit. Girls!!! 

It was fun seeing Ella and Alli playing since her mommy and I were best friends growing up. Not sure our ages here, but Mel and I were pretty inseparable prior to us moving to Washington. It was great fun for us to get so much time to catch up on this trip! 

There isn't a ton of fun stuff for kids to do in Cody...they have a great museum for Buffalo Bill Cody, but that's not exactly kid friendly. 

Michael did take the boys mini golfing and they had a good time. 

Normally we always do everything as a family so it was interesting splitting up. I stayed at home with Ella and Zeke and visited with family. I'm sure that as the kids get older this splitting up thing will happen more and more since they will have different interests. Not sure how I feel about that! 

I had been craving a Root Beer float for weeks and weeks and Aunt Linda just happened to have vanilla ice cream and root beer. I think might have been Jack's first time having a root beer float. They are so yummy! Unfortunately they also make me super gassy because of all that foam. My tummy was killing me later! 

Every night in Cody they have a Rodeo. I knew that the boys would love it, but Ella and Zeke not so much. Also it didn't start until 8pm! 

Thankfully they had grandstands there because right when left the weather turned pretty sour. It was POURING out! I love a good thunder and lightning show though. Ga-Ga and I sat out on the porch of Aunt Linda's for a little bit. The smell of the rain is SO good. Zeke heard thunder once and he was done...he ran for the door. I tried to convince him that lightning is God taking your picture and thunder is him clapping his hands, but he wasn't having it! 

Pa, Uncle Ry, Aunt Stephie...taking the picture, Michael, Owen and Jack all enjoyed the rodeo! 

I wasn't there so I'm not exactly sure what all went down, but Aunt Stephie got some cool pictures! 

From what Michael told me Jack definitely enjoyed himself more than Owen. I think that Owen was thinking it would be more like Medieval Times where knights "killed" each other. He's my blood and guts boy! 

They didn't get back until after 10pm and the boys were beyond exhausted. Owen was so tired he was crying his eyes out! I tucked them into bed and sang their songs and almost started crying myself because Owen was so upset. Poor guy is just not ready to stay up until 10pm after such a fun, busy day!