Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Goal & Football Season Is Here!

On Friday August 14th I exceeded my goal of running for 35 minutes straight before my 35th birthday. First I ran for 37 minutes, second I ran the furthest I've ever ran....3 miles straight and third I don't turn 35 for more than a month! This was definitely something I NEVER ever thought I would do. It's so exciting to see how hard work really pays off and mentally overcoming that voice in my head that says you can stop running now. Nope...not listening! 

One of the things I thought about when I first posted my goal in regards to running is that I've read there's a statistic that says only a certain amount of people actually make it to their goal if they speak it out loud to people. I guess because you've spoken it now your brain thinks you've done it...not sure. Anyways I knew that I would not be that statistic...I was going to make it to my goal! 

After telling the kids I made my goal Owen was all excited and said..."Now we don't have to come to the track anymore!" Nope...sorry Mama's still going to run buddy! 

After getting all showered and ready the kids and I took a group shot wearing our Seahawks shirts. They all got Seahawk tattoos as well! I'm SO SO SO excited football season is finally here! 6 months is way too long! 

I had the kids hold up 5 fingers on one hand and make a 0 with the other. That's because we're headed to Superbowl 50 baby!!! 

Months and months ago my cousin Bill had asked me if I would be interested in going to the first preseason game against the Broncos. I told him yeah!!! Money ended up being a little tight and we weren't going to be able to go, but Bill blessed us by paying for our tickets! Such a blessing. So I dropped the kids off at Ga-Ga & Pa's for the night, picked up Michael and we headed for the stadium. We were actually at our hotel in Missoula when I got the news that Bill had purchased the tickets. I wrote on a piece of paper...Section 307 - Row MM - Seats 6-8. I showed Michael the paper and asked him what he thought that was. He looked at the paper and said, "It looks like seats for the Seahawks!"...that's when I told him we were going to the game. I had kept it a secret for months. It was so much fun! 

Walking towards the gate! 

We met Bill outside the Northwest entrance and then headed into the stadium. 

Of course we have had one of the hottest summers on many days over 90 degrees and on the first day of football it POURS rain. I was all for it after all football is meant to be played in bad weather! Michael thought it was funny because here Seattle is going to be on National TV and of course it's raining. People always think that Seattle is under constant rain and we really aren't. 

We found our section! Since it was raining I broke out a poncho that I had bought for our trip to Disneyland and it came in handy for sure. I would have been a drown rat if I hadn't had that thing! 

We were literally 3 rows from the furthest seats, but that was fine by me. We were under the covered area so we weren't getting rained on and seriously the view was amazing. Plus it seemed like the whole time the action was right in front of us. They would switch sides after each quarter and that would bring the action back to the side of the field we were on. It was terrific! 

We were there 90 minutes prior to game time so we got to watch some of the guys practicing on both teams. 

It was fun looking across the stadium at all the titles the Seahawks have achieved over the years. 

There's our boys!!! 

Seahawks selfie!!! 

Blue Thunder performed quite a few times for the crowd. The funniest thing about the game is that when there is a commercial break on TV the plays stop. It's like they get all these mini timeouts because of it. They've got to make that money from all those commercials! 

My favorite part was when our guys came out onto the field! I had so much fun yelling and cheering at the game. It was really a great game even though we did lose! We got to see some of the new guys step will be interesting to see who gets cut in the next few weeks. I'm so excited for this season! 

Thank you Bill for making this possible!!!