Friday, August 7, 2015

Wyoming Trip - Day 6 & 7

Our last day at Aunt Linda and Uncle Lee's we just spent hanging around the house and relaxing. My cousin Marshall had showed up on Tuesday night with two of his kids...Lane and Peyton. Tiffy had already been at Aunt Linda's for a week. On Wednesday morning Marshall left with Tiffy and Lane and Peyton got to have special time with their Grandparents. 

Just like Ella and Alli...Ella and Peyton got along wonderfully. 

Peyton had fun braiding Ella's hair for her! If you know Ella getting her to let you do her hair is a miracle sometimes. She loves to just let her hair flow freely! 

Since Peyton wasn't here when we did "party" nails I promised her I would do hers. 

I also repainted Ella's since one of her Jam's had already fallen off. She wouldn't really let me apply much heat from the hairdryer when I was putting them on because it was "too hot" that's why they didn't stay on very well. 

The rest of the day was spent getting ready to leave...I went to Wal-Mart and bought a couple things for the kids to play with and a couple more movies for the trip. I also cleaned and organized the van and did laundry so most of it would be taken care of when we got home. This day was a serious free for all with the kids. They were over the moon with how much electronic time they got! 

The next morning we head out for Missoula! We made really good time and ended up getting there before our room was even ready. We ended up killing some time by going to a park. 

For dinner we thought it would be fun to introduce the kids to Cracker Barrel. They loved the big checkers board outside. 

Zeke and I had so much fun rocking in the rocking chairs. The food was awesome and super cheap! Love that! Each of the kids got to spend their money they brought plus the money they made for being good during the drive. Owen got a bag of pirates to use with his set up, Jack got a motorized monster truck with extra tires so it can drive on different terrain, Ella got a princess wand...she had already spent some of her money earlier on gum and Zeke got a cool blue sports car. 

After dinner we all went in the pool...hence no pictures since I was in the pool too! Then it was up to the room for another bath. I absolutely love that they all can fit so nicely and they actually were having a great time playing together. There is a saying that's so true....I'm gonna miss this! 

The next day we were up and ready to hit the road. I actually got up at 6am because I wanted to make it to the water park when it opened in Ritzville. The kids had already asked us if we could go again. The only thing I forgot was that on the way home we would actually gain an hour. So I really woke up at 5am Washington time. Sheesh! I ended up getting all ready and then browsing my phone for about an hour before waking up the kids. 

We did go to the water park again...Michael decided to stay out of the pool this time since his burn was healing up. The kids and I had a blast though. It was a touch cooler this time around, but we were still practically the only people there. 

On the way home from Ritzville I drove and when we got to Snoqualmie Pass we saw the strangest thing...

A whole group of DeLoreans! I think we ended up counting 9 in all. Michael was thinking it might be some of the Seahawks players, but it ended up being a bunch of middle aged white guys. It was super odd! 

We didn't end up going straight home we had to make a couple stops for milk, pizza and Chinese food. It was so nice to be home that I didn't even remember to take a picture!!!