Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wyoming Trip 2015 - Day 1

Earlier this year while I was at my Aunt Linda's after my Grandma's funeral we got to talking about how it would be fun to come back this summer and just spend a week at her house. It seems like every time we go on a vacation it's crazy busy and by the time we get home I need a vacation from my vacation. This time I wanted it to be more low key. 

We planned on the first week in August and set off on Saturday August 1st. 

It's funny how for our Disneyland Road Trip I planned and planned for months, but this time around I was much more relaxed about the whole thing. The kids really do awesome in the car and we already had a bunch of stuff to keep them entertained. I still made sure they had their binders with new coloring pages, the sticker books and their snack containers. We of course also brought a handful of movies with us as well. 

Our friends Micah and Kim had actually made almost the exact same trip as we were two weeks before we went and they told us about a water park in Ritzville WA. It was perfect because it was right at the halfway point between home and Missoula which is where we were staying on the first night. The water park didn't open until noon and I made really good time so we got to Ritzville around 11:20. 

Thankfully there was a park right next door to the water park so the kids played and we ate our lunch. 

I had packed a bunch of food so we could save money by not eating out as much. The kids were already hot and sweaty from running around and playing. 

Probably my favorite selfie of Michael and I! 

We ended up being the first ones in the water park. They actually let us in before they were technically open so we could change into our bathing suits. Once we were finished getting ready we only had to wait a few minutes before the lifeguards were at their stations. 

The water park was small...this little kid pool that was a zero entry pool led into a bigger pool that was about 4ft deep. The back part of that bigger pool was roped off so there was a section separate for the people that were going on the slide. Then in the way back of this picture there is a lap pool with a basketball hoop and a diving board. It was perfect for our family! Big enough to entertain all the kids and small enough so we could keep track of everyone. Plus it was basically all ours! I think we were there for at least 30 minutes before there were other people going on the slide. Even then I think the furthest back in line I was for the slide was 5th in line! 

Climbing to the top of the slide wasn't bad at all....except that the concrete was so scorching hot you felt like you were burning your feet! 

The slide was a total hit with our kids. They amaze me! At this age I was so freaked out by this stuff! I'm so glad they don't let this stuff hold them back. 

Owen would go down and go right back up....over and over! 

Jackson would only go if someone else was going as well. He would go down by himself, but he didn't want to be up there by himself. He also wore his life jacket the whole time. 

Ella would only go if she was on my lap. I did convince her to go once by herself...after I went down so I would be there to catch her at the bottom. That water slide through her around a like a pinball. I could hear her bouncing off the sides of the slide. It was funny, but at the same time not. I caught her at the end and was sure she'd be crying her head off, but she was fine. She didn't want to go by herself again which I don't blame her, but man is she one tough cookie! 

Zeke went once with Michael and twice with me and he was DONE!!! He did not like it at all!

Michael spent a lot of time in the baby section with Zeke which he LOVED!! Those zero entry pools are pretty cool! 

Soaking up the sun! 

Speaking of sun...I was really good about spraying down the kids and Michael sprayed me, but we are so used to not having to spray Michael down...he's already got a really great base tan and he never takes his shirt off so this was usually...that we forgot and his back was bright red!!! When we got back from vacation he started peeling a lot! 

After the pool was when I let the kids have electronic time. We put in a movie and brought out the Kindles. We have two we bought as a family a while ago and one my brother gave me. These became a really big issue though. Only have two of something when you have 4 kids is just annoying. I finally ended up saying that the Kindles were off limits. It was better than listening to the kids complain about wanting the blue Kindle instead of the black Kindle. Ugh!!! 

Ella was the only one that actually fell asleep in the van. 

Once we got to Missoula we got dinner, ate in the hotel room and then suited up again for some more water fun! I did not feel like getting in the pool so Michael went with the kids and I took pictures. 


This pool was significantly cooler than the water park pool so it took the kids a little bit to get used to it. 

Then the jumping started! 

They absolutely love to jump into Daddy's arm. 

The only thing was while Michael was riding on the water slide with Ella he ended up tweaking his shoulder and neck a bit. He wasn't really feeling good so he only caught the kids a few times and then went to the hot tub to soak a bit. 

I love this picture that I caught of Zeke. I'm not sure if his face is saying....I'm so excited I get to jump....or....I'm being mischievous and I want to push my sister in the water! 

All lined up according to age...this just happened on accident! Such cute this stair steps! 

After the pool the kids needed to get the chlorine washed off their skin so it was into the tub with them. I wanted to get a picture of all of them in the tub like I did last year at our first hotel stop on our way to Disneyland. In that picture Ella is freaking out because she doesn't have enough room. This time around I was having to instruct the boys on how to cover their privates and that's when Zeke stood up and showed himself in all his glory so I said, "Zeke I can see your penis!" that's when he looked down at his privates and I snapped the shot! Later on while they were actually washing up they were using the hotel soap...I didn't bring kids soap...they were doing really well until I hear Jack loudly proclaim..."It's not No More Tears!" Poor guy was so proud of himself for washing up until he got soap in his eyes!  


Melody said...

Awe, I love Ritzville!! When I was little we lived in a tiny town of like 500 people (Lind) 30 minutes from there. Ritzville was the 'big city' we would go to when we needed anything beside basic groceries. My how it has grown...they most certainly did not have any sort of water park : ) Looks like a fun time!!