Monday, December 14, 2015

At Home Slumber Party & French Braids!

I completely forgot to blog about me and Ella having an at home slumber party. It all started because our church was having a slumber party for the girls that were in 1st grade - 6th grade. Even though Ella is only in Kindergarten Ms. Colleen said that Ella could come as long as I came and stayed the night as well. Ella was super excited about it and I thought it might be a fun experience for us to have together. I borrowed my mom's twin air mattresses so we didn't have to sleep on the hard floor. The slumber party was on a Friday night and it started at 6:30pm. Ella's normal bedtime since she's started school has been 7:30...earlier in the week I let her stay up in 8pm and it was awful! She had a total meltdown and that's when I knew that we were NOT going to the slumber party. I decided that we would have our own stay at home slumber party and we would just sleep on the air mattresses in the playroom together. I really wanted her to think it was her idea to stay home so I really sold it to her...for instance she would get to pick the movie we were going to watch and she would get to pick the snacks. If we went to church she wouldn't be in control of those things. She bought it! 

Earlier in the evening we had been at our neighbor Rachael's house for a Tupperware party so we didn't get home until around 6pm. Ella wanted to watch Frozen and we did our nails at the same time. We also ate popcorn. I had planned on doing our hair as well, but we just didn't have enough time. 

When it was time for Ella to go to bed we got the air mattresses all aired up, put sheets on them and covers. I explained that Mommy wasn't tired yet and I wanted to go spend some time with Daddy, but I would come in later and sleep with her and she'd be able to snuggle with me when she woke up in the morning. She was fine with this arrangement since she got to sleep in my big bed at Seabrook for one night. 

I kissed her and tucked her in and then went downstairs to watch TV with Michael. Around 11pm I came up to go to bed. Ella was tossing and turning a bit, but so was I. Sleeping on an air mattress isn't the most comfortable. She was also coughing a little bit. After about an hour she made this noise and a cough sound and I knew what was going on. I grabbed my blanket and threw it over in front of her and told her to puke on the blanket. I was a little late so some of it got on the carpet. Normally our routine if one of the kids pukes Michael is the one that takes care of the mess while I take care of the kid. Since Michael had just gone to bed I didn't want to wake him up. I took all the covers downstairs and put them in the washing machine. I knew there was no way we were going to sleep in the playroom...for one there was puke on the floor and on the air mattress and was the nastiest smell ever! I was trying not to puke myself. After cleaning up Ella I got her into bed and then went in and tried to go to bed myself. First I felt something cold on my chest...yep there was puke on me. So I changed my top and tried to go to sleep. I could not get that nasty smell out of my nose though. I was laying feeling sick to my stomach. Then I went to roll over and I reached up to grab my pillow and grabbed....puke! It was on my pillowcase! Thankfully it didn't go through to my pillow since it's one of those expensive contour neck pillows. I got up and changed my pillowcase and then I ran downstairs and got my diffuser and some of my oils and brought that upstairs so I could get the smell out of my nose. Finally around 1am I was able to get in bed and stay in bed. Of course Michael did end of waking up during all of this. He thought I had puked! No, but almost! Needless to say it was the night from hell and I'm SO happy we decided to stay home and not go to church. I could not imagine being THAT mom that brought my puking, sick child to a slumber party. Plus the whole thought of dealing with yucky covers, a sick kid and having to drive thank you! The next day Ella was fine. She wasn't acting sick before bed and she didn't act sick the next day. It was just a one time thing!  

On a side note: I have finally figured out how to make a nice looking French Braid in her hair!